Cal/Gal Micro Update – Cruiser Fights

A couple good cruiser fights occurred between elements of the Caldari militia and the Gallente militia recently in parts of Black Rise and the Citadel.

The first of which occurred when a fleet, headed by The Bloc alliance, left Hasmijaala and headed towards Okkamon seeking action. The Caldari militia fleet, consisting of Caracals and Ospreys, first engaged an Eve University fleet of artillery Ruptures and Scythes. The Eve University fleet was outnumbered and was quickly destroyed. However, while the Caldari fleet was looting the field, Rapid Withdrawal jumped into system and engaged. Caught a bit off guard and out of position, the Caldari fleet was in a tight spot. Their logistics was out of position and several members of the fleet had sub-standard missile skills, reducing their effective range. Fortunately, the Caldari logistics was able to recover and the Caldari fleet commander was able to make some headway against the opposing fleet.

The battle report and video can be seen here:

A second good fight between Templis CALSF and the Gallente occurred in Sujarento. A Gallente fleet of cruisers was spotted and a fleet was formed to fight. Unfortunately, intel reported that the Gallente fleet had already engaged another group, lost some ships, and were headed back towards Fliet. Form-up took too long and the Caldari fleet was unable to cut the Gallente off. The Caldari fleet, consisting of 11 DPS cruisers and 4 Ospreys, waited in Deven for their return with replaced ships. Unfortunately, the Gallente fleet returned in frigs, jumped into Nagamanen, and warped to Sujarento. The Caldari fleet followed and jumped into system to a combined frig fleet from Aideron robotics and Schneckt. The Gallente fleet deployed drones and displayed an intention to fight. The Templis fleet decloaked and engaged. The Gallente had several Maulus and other ships utilizing sensor dampeners, increasing the risk, however reps held from the Templis logistics pilots. As the fight against the Gallente frig fleet was finishing, RDRAW undocked a Caracal and osprey fleet. Frantic attempts were made to kill the remaining Maulus on the field before the hostile cruisers landed. The fight was especially tough for the Templis logi pilots, but they pulled through and kept everyone alive. The Templis fleet also had a newer FC leading, as such everyone was happy with the outcome.

About Omar Jumper

Omar Jumper has been in the Caldari Militia for over two years. He is the current leader of Templis CALSF, the longest continually serving alliance in the Caldari Militia.

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