Caldari Separatists: Micro Update From an FC Perspective

[Editor’s Note: The following is half editorial/half battle report from GalMil FC Wolfsdragoon which was edited and submitted by Gin Wuncler. The opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s and do no reflect the opinions of or its staff.]

I am almost always extremely critical and probably unfair towards the Caldari militia. I’ve publicly criticized all aspects of Calmil’s FCs and leadership over the course of the year I’ve been involved with the Gallente Militia. I’ve repeatedly expressed disappointment in the alliances within Cal Mil for being unable to provide me with the fights I’ve sought after. However, this past weekend I can, for possibly the first time, say they brought me one of said fights. The last time I really had an opportunity to fight against CalMil was in Pavanakka, and I don’t mean that horrible experience of kiting frigates and other boring attrition-based fights. I’m referring to a Gila fleet from Templis and a Sacrilege fleet from The Bloc. In both cases, I was entirely confident in winning and that was indeed the result. In both of these cases, the CalMil fleet could and possibly should have won but lost due to some of the worst logi positioning possible. I bring this up because when I fight CalMil, I often look back at the fight and see that had the ships, numbers and other parties on each side been swapped, I would have certainly taken the fights and been confident in winning. This is a recurring theme I find when fighting Caldari groups: they make vital mistakes and neglect to take advantage of certain aspects of the fight. None of this should make any Caldari FC or line member happier with me. Just realize that this is definitely the case, and until improvements are made, I will crush your fleets continually.

As I have alluded to, some circumstances of this fight against Separatists, the fearsome gate campers of Oulley, did not instill confidence. In this case, for example, our enemies not only had friends but had the time and option to fit and bring a direct counter to our doctrine that day. In an unfailingly typical move, Separatists batphoned, which is the only reason the fight occurred in the first place.  On this particular day we had a POCO timer with Separatists and they initially batphoned NC., who promptly vowed never to help them again. At the time, I never really connected the dots and realized that Separatists FC pmcunit would batphone Templis, though they have batphoned at least 7-8 distinct groups to fight us so it wasn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility. So when CalMil and Separatists set up a faux fight nearby, I completely believed it to be standard. The real flaw here was believing that Separatists would take a fight alone versus anyone while in Tech 3s.

The actual setup was fairly simple. CalMil showed up with a pretty decent sized group of faction and pirate battleships including Typhoon Fleet Issues, Bhaalgorns, and a Rattlesnake, along with other armor battleships and a mix of BC/cruisers/HACs and Guardians with two slowcat fit Archons on standby. Separatists themselves had around 15 Tech 3s + 7 Guardians. I had Gallente gentlemen in 14 Tempest Fleet Issues, 6 Bhaalgorns, a few Prots, and a few Lokis along with 5 Guardians. In reality 14 Tempest Fleet Issues is not much dps, even with an AC setup it really only delivers around 640 turret DPS. The real beauty of our setup is obviously the crushing amount of neuts on field. Unintentionally, we made the correct decision  rushing into the fight, which took Separatists out of the fight immediately. This is because the defensive neuts from the Tempest Fleet Issues kept the atrociously fit Separatist Tech 3s from shooting just about anything. I’m not joking when I say these fits are atrocious, you’ll see for yourself through the battlereport, but co-processors do not belong on line tech 3s, nor do triple mag stabs. Basically, what I’m saying is that even with the 7 Guardians, which remember is about half of the fairly low DPS TFIs I have fielded, they were still unable to save their Tech 3s. One might think this is due to the neuting power of 6 Bhaalgorns, but it isn’t. The fits were so low in EHP and with such a high explosive hole that before the Bhaalgorns were even able to neut the guardians we were breaking their Tech 3s. Even if I had been forced to switch as a Proteus caught reps, we would have simply moved on and killed the next easily. I became so confident in our ability to break their Tech 3s, that I called a Legion as primary, which typically has a 90-94% explosive resist profile. Unsurprisingly it still went down even though we still had Fusion ammunition loaded. Most of the Separatists fleet warped away once they realized they were not holding and we began switching to CalMil.

While the initial engagement against Separatists was going on, Calmil was shooting and very nearly breaking us, meaning that if the Proteus fleet had simply repositioned and escaped our neuts for a moment we might have started losing ships. Now, this would not have lost us the fight because the Caldari for whatever reason chose to attempt to break Bhaalgorns. We only had 5 Guardians on grid and reps were certainly stressed. Remember also, that CalMil had two Bhaalgorns at their disposal along with the two neuts and utillity neuts on nearly every BS on grid. Add to that the fact that we jumped into them, and you can see how this situation could have definitely taken a turn for the worse had neuts been utilized appropriately or if they had simply held down even 2 Guardians. Luckily for us though, poor first primaries from CalMil allowed us to knock a few ships off their roster and stabilize the reps a bit.

The Proteus fleet eventually came back to the Vlill gate with most of their Prots and all of their Guardians intact, but luckily for us they opted to simply jump away, effectively sealing CalMil to their fate. At this point they had lost DPS ships, their Guardians were fully neuted, and two carriers were coming in, putting them in a seriously bad position. The opportunity was there and subsequently lost. Had those carriers come in immediately and used their fighters we would have definitely started bleeding ships. I mentioned previously the opportunity for the Caldari fleet to directly counter us, which they attempted to do with the Typhoon Fleet Issues and other assorted ships. You’ll notice on their Killmails that they all have tracking disruptors in the mids, and most have at least 3 TDs. I happened to have mentioned this to CalMil sometime before as a pretty decent counter to turret doctrines, and it’s true. I can’t say for sure whether CalMil listened to me or if they already had this idea and planned on using it, but I can say it was botched. Take a second look at those mids, and you’ll notice the scripts are for tracking speed. Even against artillery Tempest Fleet Issues, this is a mistake as the amount of webs and paints we will always have will more than compensate and result in near perfect DPS application even on linked Guardians unless they are directly under our guns (and no ships were). We were using ACs though, and even then TDs are still a great idea, but they needed to be using optimal range scripts. This isn’t difficult to explain: you can’t hit what is out of range, or at least not well. Had they done this they may have bought themselves a critical amount of time to kill some of our Guardians before we managed to kill much of anything.

As I mentioned, the Caldari had two carriers come in, but I want to also point out that we had 0 capitals ready to help us, so had we lost even one or two of our five Guardians we would have been very near to completely losing. If CalMil had done almost everything perfectly,  I’m still confident we could have recovered and pulled through, but at least this wouldn’t have simply been a massacre where even the lightest of our ships ended up surviving. In the end, it became a simple matter of failing to tackle one of the two slowcat Archons and assigning two Bhaalgorns to neut the Guardians while the Gallente Tempest Fleet Issues counter-neuted the Caldari Bhaalgorns and the remaining 4 Bhaalgorns for GalMil kept the remaining carrier dry. I’ll admit I’ve been itching to fight Templis properly for awhile as I’ve seen the fleets Templis is capable of putting out during USTZ. Unfortunately, I don’t often play into late USTZ and miss those opportunities, so I am thankful that Templis came and provided us with some great content. A large part of me hopes, however, that the Caldari will learn from these mistakes and become a proper challenge. If there are Caldari FCs or members who are upset or confused by this, feel free to convo me in game and I’ll be happy to explain everything I’ve said here in even greater depth.

The Killmail Report

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  1. As one of the galmil guardians with over 60% heated reps i can confirm that that was close 😉

  2. Nothing new here, except maybe a wolf who want’s our sworn enemies to become better… still waiting for the moment where either squids or RIOT will singlehandedly defeat a fleet of wolfsdragoon….. The anticipation is killing everyone….

  3. The bias and smug in this battle report is on another level.

    Regardless though, good fight. Mistakes were made but I think a lot of us within Templis really appreciate the battleship fleet content as well and it’s a nice change of pace to get opponents other than RDRAW with SNUFF on speed-dial (or max cowarding into Tornados when SNUFF doesn’t have numbers).

    Looking forward to the next fight.

    • If this motivates calmil to come and dunk me then 10/10.

    • Well it’s an editorial, which means he gets to throw his opinion out there…as a Galmil FC I would hope he was biased in our favor. That said, the actual battle description is a really good look at what should go through your head in large(er) fleet engagements as an FC.

  4. lol…you forgot to give props to your spy, the State and the weed you smoked to come up with some of that. I always love the bullshit cookies that are made when people mix a slice of rumor intel, slice of what they are seeing, slice of what they thought they saw and a huge amount of ego driven self worth.

    It was a good fight. I do not recall it as you do but hell I am sure you got a reason why your version spins your losses as wins. Just don’t get so good at winning that you get bored with winning…. See you in space,

    • Rumor intel? Dude your FC told me directly Separatists called you out there. What losses did I spin as wins? I’m pretty bored of winning against Cal mil already, that’s why I’m hoping you guys improve.

      • Keep hoping. Lots of FCs and pilots have come before you and they all eventually got bored and moved on. It sounds like after a year of doing this, you should move on too.

        • I would have moved on much earlier or never come at all if caldari were the only people to fight. However the vast majority of fights we get are against groups outside of FW.

  5. You are unfortunately correct. Any Caldari other than the US timezone are cowards and won’t form to fight. Meanwhile the US timezone Caldari are less cowardly but still incompetent.

    • That’s because US Caldari are fools who goes to every fight just for fun. AU/EU have proper pilots who knows how to fight and if they can win or no.
      EU caldari from US perspective: cowards
      US caldari from EU perspective: non capable of pvp, blobers, terrible decision and not able to properly asset a fight

      • I find EU calmil to be mostly afraid of fighting and simultaneously less competent than the USTZ.

        • As a EU Calmill i dont know where you all talking about we roam everyday arround dont see a single Gallente fleet vOv but yeah everybody is awsome and the others are shit

  6. Not enough tristans and comets in the caldari side. Also webbing at 40 km in missions (you can clearly see both green and yellow advancing in the map during the last months).
    All the farmers left, which makes it even harder since they also reinforce.
    Im not even playing the game right now and I can see that.

  7. Put your ‘reputation’ where your mouth is and swap sides man, swap sides!

    I think you’d find a lot of willing folks in Calmil who want the type of fights you crave that simply have no-one who can take them in that direction.

    The problem is, for every decent pilot in Calmil, there’s a fuckton of twats.

    • I think honestly you guys just need a mediocre FC (which is what I am at best) who has a decent amount of situational awareness and who isn’t afraid to go balls deep occasionally. I’ve seen cal mil fleets run from situations they could completely dominate, they just need an FC who isn’t afraid to take some risk.

      • CalMil has some good FCs but with the exception of Omar in late US what they are missing is experience with the big toys. That experience is hard to get when you are on the back foot. I can only speak for my experience in BLOC but we grew all our own FCs from pretty much zero experience. This was doable in the inexpensive ship tiers when you can log new lessons every night by welping a fleet. Making the jump to tech 2 cruisers and above has proved incredibly hard, though, because neither wallets nor morale will stand daily welpings of these ships against a superior enemy, meaning that closing the knowledge gap with GalMil is much harder than it was with T1 cruisers down. What CalMil desperately needs is someone who can come in with that experience and disseminate the knowledge rather than hoping to claw it out with a single fight every couple of months. Alternatively, train lazers and have a decent faction cruiser available for practice before moving up to the tech 2s!

        • That’s the large problem with BLOCs attempts at sacs/guards, the one fight every month. They need to run that doctrine every day until they get a good number of fights. Part of winning comes from understanding what your doctrine can actually do. I seriously cringe when people go “They have x number of guardians we can’t possibly win!” without realizing their own advantages. On the HECON side it’s the opposite, “just a couple more basis and we can tank these 26 arty TFIs”, it’s a very narrow minded approach that results in either no fights for anyone, or getting dicked hard, both of which aren’t encouraging for fleet members.

          I take a lot of risks and often it pays off, sometimes I get us into a terrible situation of course, but hey at least it gives a rush. I’ve taken a number of fights where I was like 80% sure we might not tank and we do, suddenly I’ve learned a bit more about what the doctrine can do. Winning in eve provides better lessons than failing if you’re willing to take a step back and understand why you won.

          • Agreed that it needs to run near every day but that’s simply not going to happen due to funding issues and morale. No FW group can afford to lose a fleet of HACs every day for a month for training purposes and the reality is that you would expect to lose 95% of the fights in the initial period when going up against an opponent that has years of experience in the ships. Really, what CalMil needs is a more balanced opponent to learn against so it can take fleets out and go for the fight with at least a reasonable expectation of bringing the fleet home. But the number of viable targets for that is very limited. One of the reason I wasn’t keen on Brave joining CalMil was because they were about the only viable training target for CalMil HAC fleets. Sadly, they moved in just as I was setting up fights with them.

            Perhaps the thing for CalMil to do now is go fight on SiSi since the beta launcher makes access to that very easy these days. I expect the basic knowledge, at least, could be acquired there by the repeated working through of set piece battles.

          • Epik I’m not proposing calmil fight gal mil everyday. They need to roam and frag neutrals and other pirate fleets. There are plenty of targets in the area. It’s unlikely they will get a fight everyday, but I’m not going to touch them unless it is a weekend.

  8. I’m glad to see the content of the site is held to a high standard. “We had a fight and I’m the best and everyone else is shit, get gud, scrubs.” Really insightful, glad to see the complaining about terrible enemies followed by chest beating and not by actual advice or analysis of the underlying issues. ” A large part of me hopes, however, that the Caldari will learn from these mistakes and become a proper challenge.” Trying to lessen the backlash with kind words, but at the same time, an insult. Editorial Staff, please pull your heads out of your asses and stop putting up shit articles to feed egos.

    • If you could for a moment wipe your tears away you would see actual advice. Especially if you read any part of the battle report, I talked about the ranges, TDs, and target calling. I actually got pretty technical, but it legit seems like you were so mad you didn’t even realize it.

    • P.S. I purposefully never called out any cal mil group specifically nor did I mention the FC by name, nor any other cal mil pilot. I also purposefully did not ever say that ANY cal mil FC or line member was bad.

      Pay attention and you’ll see all I said is that time and time again mistakes are made which lead to you guys losing. Which is true…cal mil has plenty of solid line members and plenty of SP at this point, there’s potential there, but mistakes happen.

      • You clearly don’t understand what I meant, you can’t comprehend anything past your own nose. Full of yourself. The “advice” you gave doesn’t outline the issues of why Calmil doesn’t provide the content you prefer. I read the article fully and I still don’t see you offering advice on how to bring Calmil to a point that it can “offer a challenge.” You pointed out the mistakes of the battle, not the underlying issues. Again.

        • To clarify further, I understand that this piece was about this particular fight and it outlines the details of the battle perfectly well. If you intend for this to cause Calmil to improve in order to provide the content you want, I don’t believe it’s as simple as you make it out to be. In the questioning of why bad calls are made or why you don’t get the challenge, there is more to it than the quality of FC’s, that’s my gripe with it.

        • I mean, learning from these very basic mistakes would be a massive step forward in becoming a challenge. If you want large sweeping organizational advice from me well it depends on the caldari organization. Templis is doing something right IMO in the sense that they’re undocking and in doctrines that will work (outside of the tengus). BLOC and HECON both have a long way to go, but mostly IMO their problems stem around not wanting to create content or only undocking rarely (Glitch might change this for HECON).

          Taking BLOC for example, they pushed rail eagles and rail megas for like fuckin months, but I haven’t seen a single rail eagle or rail mega fleet. They’ve pushed sacs/guards for ages as well, but they’ve only run a handful of sac fleets. It’s a mindset with BLOC/HECON, but the only problem Templis has at this point IMO is situational awareness from the FCs.

          • You all don’t see the main issue with Wolfsdragoon’s opinion that caldari don’t give him a challenge. Why should we give you fights when we can do tons of other fun stuff and not provide fun to gals?
            Tell your guys to make caldari alts if you want FUN by your way.

          • Templis has an FC who is experienced with heavier, higher-end ships. Neither BLOC nor HECON have such a person (or at least they didn’t when I was in the militia). By the way, now I’m out I must take you up on that offer of a ride-along in some of your fleets!

          • “You all don’t see the main issue with Wolfsdragoon’s opinion that caldari don’t give him a challenge. Why should we give you fights when we can do tons of other fun stuff and not provide fun to gals?
            Tell your guys to make caldari alts if you want FUN by your way.”

            By all means go for it, but you aren’t a challenge to anyone currently outside of RDRAW. Remember I personally don’t care about plexing or system pushes, but gal mil can still ship up and calmil still effectively can’t, so if you even want a challenging warzone you should consider upping your game.

            Epik you’re welcome anytime.

          • We know we are not challenge m8, why should we make fleet for plexing when we know that gals will outnumber us 2:1 even if we pull all available guys. Roaming or structure fleets are even worse, there we are looking at 3:1 in your favor. There is just couple situations where we can be victorious, solo or small gang.
            Everything else dies to masive gals blob and our guys know it and guys who consider joining caldari as well. So 50% of potential new guys will not join, those who join will realize the reality of being underdog and will move on in 1-2 months. It’s vicious cycle with no solution.
            We all know that gals can take whole warzone and every calmil structure if they really want.

          • Not at all true, I’ve been outnumbered by cal mil a few times and there are other gangs you can fight outside of gal mil. Like 99% of the content I get is outside of FW.

            It’s not a vicious cycle with no solution, it’s really easy, provide content and people stay. Numbers is such a lazy excuse, my fleets in gal mil started with 12-15 total and maybe 4-6 actual line ships.

        • These threads are so comical. I haven’t been in FW for a couple years and the rhetoric that is posted on this blog is the same as it was 2 years ago. Caldari is still horrible and they keep wanting a Gallente FC or corp to switch sides so it balances things out. Meanwhile Gal FCs like Wolf espouses the same advice that everyone mentioned years ago.

          And yes it’s true; EU Caldari are scared. US TZ Caldari aren’t but they’re incompetent. The only group that fights is Templis and they’re horrible because it’s the same pilots/FC as it was from a couple years ago; Stalence, Scylus Black, Charlotte,etc.. Time has changed but these horrible fits and lossmails haven’t. LOL.

          • My words, EU aren’t scared we are just realistic and willing to face truth. We are in FW for some occasional non pirate kills but in fact most of EU guys are pirates flying small gang or solo. EU guys run freestyle, we hate doctrines. While US will not undock if they don’t have proper ships but are still incompetent.
            As Jason wrote, each side is telling same shit for years, but i dare gal guys to switch and see the truth.

          • EU are equally incompetent or more so, they have the ships and numbers, they just don’t know when they can win and when they can’t.

  9. Hiltraud it’s an opinion piece, as was stated at the top. If you disagree – I invite you to write a counter-piece as to why he’s wrong. I will happily publish it.

  10. If you want people from more than 1 militia to read and enjoy this site, it’s probably a good idea not to let trash like this be posted.

    It isn’t even about propaganda and bias as such, but rather the self-satisfied, semi-deluded tone of it. Just a note for the management.

  11. Davian Thule Pirkibo

    A lot of gallente forget how we ended up here, back in early 2013 it was the complete reverse, gal mil was weak but had decent fcs, but many on cal mil were getting bored of being so dominant, because it was low content. Eventually one major cal mil alliance switched sides to revitalise the war, which was a massive morale boost for gallente and a great source of content for cal mil. However cal mil started to disintegrate, evoke had moved to join n3 coalition and some critical fcs left, several of whom are now with the various pirate alliances such as snuff who are your allies. One of the major alliances in the north for cal mil fail cascaded due to lack of support, bfox marauders was steam rolling them out and the rest of cal mil refused to save the alliance, the militia was broken and gallente took the warzone quite easily. To be frank we lack the income with the lp system to support hac fleets, especially with the fw mission nerf to sbs, this warzone isn’t going to change until either cal mil gets its own rrdraw (meat shield but they failcascaded) or someone like bfox does the historical thing like we did and change side for the good of the content and warzone.

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