Caldari (not) verse Gallente

[02:37:21] TheLastSparton > a new chapter in calmil-galmil relations or something

Shortly before a scheduled fleet, Templis received intel of a Gal BC fleet without logi. Templis formed into BC’s themselves. As the Caldari fleet was forming, more intel of a separate Gal BS fleet was received. The FC quickly changed the fleet composition to armor BS’s to take the better fight. As formup was completed, it looked like the two fleets had merged and we’re engaging pirates over in Heydielies. The fleet made its way over as the fight raged between the gals and the pirates. The Caldari fleet entered Heydieles and warped onto the field. Shortly after landing, the Gallente fleet warped off leaving the Caldari fleet to engage the pirates. The pirates had two Archons on the field and several battleships including a Bhgaalgorn and Vindicators. The reps off the carriers were sufficient to hold against the incoming DPS from the Caldari fleet. The only hope was that the neuts would eventually drain the carriers capacitors enough to break the reps. The fight continued for several minutes as neither side could break the opposing reps. In a rare instance, the Caldari and the Gallente decided to team up and eliminate the pirate intruders.

Now some may not understand this, as the Caldari and the Gallente are sworn enemy. The answer is simple. The warzone belongs to the militias, plain and simple. Pirates and other entities come to our area because we are here fighting over it. They do not create their own content, but attempt to steal that of others. As such, this pirate group fell victim to our wrath.

Once the Gal fleet had returned to the field, there was sufficient DPS to break the reps from the carriers who were finally suffering the effects of the neuts. Slowly, the pirate battleships started to fall. The pirates that could, warped out, leaving their immobile comrades to their fate.

Wolfdragoon’s Perspective

Not too long ago I wrote a fairly negative article about CalMil, one of the things I enjoy most about this game is its tendency to make you re-evaluate your opinions. I’m not attempting to take back my article at all, but I have to give credit to TheLastSparton and Templis in this case. GalMil was just coming back from Amarr Faction Warfare space in our Tempest Fleet Issues and three Guardians, really only about 10 or 12 guys at most. We were all tired and had come back from a fleet which unfortunately didn’t even result in a fight. The way back resulted in around 25 jumps for us, which is rather boring in battleships. However, once we get to Old Man Star one of our TFIs who is bravely scouting for us unnecessarily gets tackled by Soul Takers, and then subsequently Micro Jump Drived off the gate by a Command Destroyer.

Unfortunately for Soul Takers we had a safe which we bounced to, and then back down to our tackled TFI. Unfortunately for us he died, but not before we tackled a Proteus and killed it in return. I assumed Soul Takers would simply bail at that point as we had around 6 TFIs, a Vindi, and three Guardians still on grid, but instead they escalated. Keep in mind we aren’t even in our own fleet and we don’t have links, so when they bring in Archon in and warp in a Vigilant, Broadsword, and a few more Vindis were a bit nervous. Fortunately we managed to create some cap pressure on the Archon as they decided to bring in a Moros as a tracking dread. This nets them a Vindi kill while we manage to bring down a Broadsword in return. We lose another TFI due to the Moros before finally drying the bastard out, and at the same time we contact Aideron Robotics to come help us who have a 10 man BC gang available.

Aideron Robotics are quickly invited to our fleet which is still linkless and we manage to clear a Vigilant and we bring in a Bhaalgorn of our own. Finally it seems like things are going our way as we now have a Geddon, 5 TFIs, 10 BC, and 3 Guardians left and the enemies’ caps are dry.

At this point they bring in another Archon around the same time as the Moros who we have been primarying for the past 4 minutes exits siege in half structure. Their triage is extremely slow to catch reps on ships, but they do catch time and time again which puts us in a rather bad situation as we are slowly losing ships, such as the Bhaalgorn we had brought in. We notice Templis are nearby with a similar fleet comp to us, only with more Guardians, more DPS and more Bhaalgorns. At some point I’m told Templis is blue to Soul Takers. The situation already not exactly optimal and comes across very bleak at this point. As a safeguard, we burn off and warp out as Cal Mil jumps into system and starts decloaking.

This is where I have to give props to Templis and TheLastSparton, because they probably could have killed Soul Takers on their own but instead they offer to blue up and kill them with us. Turns out my information was wrong and they were in fact not blue with each other, which is excellent news because this allows us time to reform our fleet, get links, more Guardians, and more ships in general. We warp back in and add our heavy neuts and somewhat minimal DPS to the pressure already being applied by Templis and we bring down the Vinids and Archons together. Unfortunately the Moros was able to escape in the period between when we burned off and left grid and when Templis arrived within tackle range. Either way though, Templis was clearly more interested in content than my harsh opinions, so I have to thank them for saving us.

Video can be seen here:

About Omar Jumper

Omar Jumper has been in the Caldari Militia for over two years. He is the current leader of Templis CALSF, the longest continually serving alliance in the Caldari Militia.

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  1. Great read. – One mistake bud” Once the Hal fleet had returned”

  2. Fun video, but I don’t think you need the chipmunk voices, you’ve been fighting the same people for so long it hasn’t been opsec for ages.

    • Curtis Beradan

      I’m pretty sure the chipmunk voices come from speeding up the video

      • No, it’s in real time, they alter the voices.

        • Curtis Beradan

          If you time it, the shield hardeners take 8 seconds of video time to cycle. In real time they take 10 seconds, so it’s sped up just a little. They might chipmunk themselves on top of that effect, I don’t know.

          • Hi, I edit and post most of the videos for the Templis youtube channel. I typically speed up footage by 1.2x or 1.3x. I really just do it to make shorter videos that are easier to watch and quicker to upload while trying not to speed it up so fast that the comms aren’t understandable since I think battle comms are really the narration of a video and without them the video is a lot more boring for it. Chipmunk voices are just a side affect, I don’t do it for OPSEC reasons.

            If there is anything OPSEC i usually just trim out those portions of comms.

            This video in particular was captured by a random militia bro in fleet though so there was really nothing to obscure. (Someone needs to teach him how to use his fleet window for finding broadcasted targets though…)

  3. Thanatos Marathon

    This doesn’t even mention us (Gal/Cal FW) taking down Exodus in vlil when they were trying to get experience using a moros. Good times.

    – Than

    • There is a capital mwd now, so I expect exodus success rate with dreads to improve now that they can use their links and snakes to full effect.

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