Drama, Fallout and Rebuilding

The last couple weeks have been interesting times in the Caldari militia. From an alliance leaving Caldari, war declarations between Caldari groups, in-fighting, drama in chat, new alliances and more, the following is a synopsis of what has gone on in the last couple weeks.


The biggest issue was the feud between Khan Farshatok and mira DeVorsha (also known as TheKiller122 and Commander Vice). This is well known to everyone in militia at this point, and you can even see their final words on the matter here and here for Khan and Mira respectively. Some things were said in both private channels and the general militia by Mira that were out of line, and Mira apologized for it recently. In saying these things he received a 14 day ban. Now whether or not this was enough is a subject of debate, as there are numerous people on both sides of the issue who feel it was either fair, or should have been permanent. The issue got worse when Khan decided to take it upon himself to exact vengeance, as being the person wronged, he didn’t feel that the 14 day ban was enough. On February 2nd, the beginning of a civil war within Caldari Militia was started and BORG declared war on GHIOT, Mira’s corporation.


This is not the first time Caldari has seen civil war. It happens every 3-6 months and is just part of the drama we are used to on a daily basis in this militia. To be honest, the war between BORG and GHIOT was not a huge deal to anyone in militia, until they got dragged into it. Khan started getting more aggressive with his attacks, to the point of actively hunting and killing GHIOT members when they were in general militia fleets. As you can imagine, the rest of militia was not happy when their logi pilots started getting killed off while in-fleet by friendlies, and shot back. Khan found this infuriating and responded back that he would kill GHIOT no matter what. If you didn’t want your fleets shot at, he expected you not to let them fly with you. One thing lead to another and soon every Intel channel and the general militia chat was full of people yelling back and forth, siding with one group or the other and threats of bodily harm and war declarations flew around with abandon. This caused strife not only between BORG and GHIOT, but several other corporations as well, some of them to this day still wanting nothing to do with each other. However, not all was well with BORG itself, which became apparent a few days later.


On the 6th of February, things in BORG started to fall apart. Despite everyone’s best attempts to calm Khans fury and make cease fire agreements, he would not stand down. It was at this point several corporations and notable members within BORG left, one of the corporations disbanding in its entirety and some players even taking a break from Faction Warfare completely to do other things, such as joining SniggWaffe. It was at this point a decision was made. The bickering in Caldari, the loss of corporations, the lack of support for their attempt to exile GHIOT from Caldari, the instigation of fights in militia and Intel channels between various groups and BORG. These things all contributed to the final decision that BORG leave Caldari Militia, with the intent to instead join Gallente. If they couldn’t get GHIOT to leave, then they would join the opposing side and hunt down GHIOT and its conspirators.

BORG member count over the last 6 months.


In addition to the mess with BORG, other notable issues arose in Caldari Militia, one of the biggest being the dissolution of SPAM. State Protectorate Auxiliary Militia was stripped of its name due to being too similar to an in game entity. This was the final nail in the coffin of a corporation that while strong in numbers and activity was already suffering from internal issues. Many members of the corporation reported it having an issue of “too many chiefs, too few Indians.” There was a large amount of leadership in the corporation and many disputes on things such as fleet doctrines and goals for the corporation that hindered its progress. Once it lost its name, the corporation quickly began hemorrhaging users to other corporations and several damning emails were sent out by leadership in the corporation. Trust between leaders and FC’s was broken, and the corporation, now called EVE Corporation 98268976, is a shell of its former self. Most members of the corporation have moved on at this point to various corporations including a brand new one called Stronghold of the Condemned [STHD] lead by Leoline, and the resurrection of Great Harmon Institute of Technology [GHIOT] by mira DeVorsha. Despite all this though, Caldari has remained strong. Two new alliances have been born from the fire, The Bloc [BLOC] and Heiian Conglomerate [HECON].


The Bloc is a new alliance formed by one of the previously major powerhouse corporations of BORG, The Mjolnir Bloc [MBLOC]. Right now they are heavily recruiting, training new players and focusing on strong doctrines with driven goals in training plans for pilots to follow. Stability, unity and working towards a common goal within the Caldari Militia are the primary drives for the foreseeable future. Its end goals however, while continuing a strong focus on Faction Warfare, include null system opportunities for additional isk as well as a larger variety of PVP content available for its members. Right now the alliance consists of The Mjolnir Bloc, Stronghold of the Condemned and Beatemoffme, with strong leadership and incredibly talented FC’s, the likes of Mnemic001, Victor Hark and many more. Indeed, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that half of the active general militia FC’s within Caldari Militia now find themselves under a single alliance leadership, which should lead to very interesting results.


Heiian Conglomerate on the other hand is a different approach to the way alliances work. It is run by myself in Crimson Serpent Syndicate, a corporation of whom several members have been in Faction Warfare since the beginning. Coalitions in Caldari come and go and I personally have more Intel channels on my channels list than I can count. Most have been abandoned and are empty shells, occasionally reaching 3 people on a good day. HECON wants to change this. In essence, the alliance is actually a coalition. Intel, pub chat, everything that Caldari has seen before. The only difference is this time there is an alliance behind it. Something that won’t simply disappear on a whim. It’s with these hopes that HECON hopes to create a solid bastion for the Caldari to unite behind, and all of its services and channels are available to anyone in militia, not just those that join in name.


Additionally, Friday saw the launch of a new public TeamSpeak server for the militia. Crimson Serpent Syndicate hosted a semi-public one in the past . However, due to major issues that arose, it was decided to start over from scratch. Between EU users having frequent disconnects, DDoS attacks, poor permissions structure and tons of spies, the server was deemed unsalvageable and a new one was built. Instead of paying monthly for a hosted server time, they opted for buying an annual license to TeamSpeak and hosting it on RackSpace, which so far has had promising results. The lowered cost and increased number of users online has allowed the TeamSpeak to be extended from just corporations that were used to working together, to the entire of Caldari Militia. Additionally it provides the ability to host private corporation channels for those that wish to have them, without a huge spike in cost to maintain. Between the new alliances, hitting tier 3 yesterday and the general use TeamSpeak server, Caldari is hoping to come back from the ashes stronger, more unified and ready to bring the fight to Gallente.

About Subsparx

Subsparx has been playing EVE for 10 years now, dabbling in many things but avoiding Null-Sec. He spends most of his time supplying militia with various services, from information and news articles to a public TeamSpeak and Forum, which sadly results in undocking less often than he would like.

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  1. I’m really glad to hear of the new team speak channel, and of it’s immediate benefits of more Gallente death. (Sorry Festus). Hopefully this channel stays strong.

    Though, I have some concerns. About HECON’s services: wouldn’t the sheer accessibility of their services allow for easier spying? Do they have any protection against that as far as you all know?

    • The HECON teamspeak requires API registration to get to most of the channels. This adds accountability in to the system and if somebody is caught, they are simultaneously API and TS3 UID banned, neither of which can be used again, and both of which have to be used together to register. Persistent spies will still get in but it will require considerably more effort.

  2. I almost want to come back and join the anti Khan movement, almost…..

  3. Excellent catching up article after my short holiday. Thanks.

  4. As a side note for anyone interested. The reason spam caught the eye of ccp is because khan filled the complaint.

      • Out of luck I suppose then, don’t have a recording of you giggling like a lill girl about it sorry. On a side note why are you so smug about your vast knowledge of internet space ships again? My guess is inadequacies in real life so trying to prove something here. Hopefully one day I can regale my grandkids with amazing stories of how I totally pwned in a spaceship while flying through interstellar space. And quickly dispatched any scrub who dared appear on my overview. Oh what grand tales and fond memories those would be.

        • so no proof. gotcha.

          • A real man isn’t afraid to admit his mistakes, I don’t think there was any doubt about you being possible the most childish member of Caldari Militia aside from those who haven’t finished puberty. I can’t wait until you’re finished moving out of Cal-Mil space and you remain right where you belong, in our sights :).

            I hope you manage to have as much success stirring the pot in the Gallente Militia as you have here.

            He actually does have proof, you’re just not man enough to admit your mistake and move on. You keep raking yourself over the coals for our enjoyment. Please continue.

          • Actually my testimony of the fact that I heard it would be admissible as evidence. Kind of like those pictures of a marijuana grow op you posted on your facebook page. For someone who claims to be so smart you sure are dumb.

        • JustAGrunt. You need no Proof.

          The thing is if your so cool to do such a thing be “cool” enough to admit it no?

          We all know Khan is a idiot and take your word EVEN though we have NO IDEA who u are… Says it all

  5. Excellent article, sums recent events up nicely.

    Love the new TS server, and wish both [BLOC] and [HECON] all the best for the future.

  6. Well where to begin. MBLOC leaving was not that big of a deal to me. Yeah them being here had benefits but in the long run our alliance running did not require them. the only reason we keep losing members after they left is because A: those people were more loyal to cal mil than borg, if this is the case then i dont want them anyway, our goal is null sec and if you cant get over FW then you dont belong coming with us. or B: ive been kicking people that out right refuse to fix their standings or havent logged on in over a month which the latter is something i do every month anyway.

    as for how its going to turn out for cal mil. if any of you remember the slaughter fest that borg created in loes months ago then you will know that the next part is damning for all of cal mil. months and months ago borg lived in two different area’s of the war zone. one was deven where we sent our noobs to learn and the other was loes. oh good ol loes. there was a grand total of 10 of us that lived in that system and up until recently only two of those 10 were even active. Now that we are going gallente they are coming back to enjoy some more free slaughter time. it took all of gal mil to kick us out of our little pocket that we carved out of their space. I hope you all enjoy some icelandic tea bagging cause its coming.

    • Khan, hurry up and get into Gallente Militia! Where did I put my popcorn?

      Just a minor correction, the only time all of Gallente Militia has ever come together on one operation was to throw Happy Endings out of Rakapas.

    • People left because you treat them like shit and do not care about anyone but yourself. When you wanted to screw with neutral haulers in innia we disagreed but supported you. When you decided to declare war on GHIOT without talking to anyone else we disagreed but supported you. While you were passed out at your computer we kept grinding pocos for you. Even after you quietly docked up and didn’t say anything. Where the line was drawn was you shitting on everyone else in milita you didn’t agree with. You are a good fc when you do finally show up for the ops you call if you show up at all. But you are a shit leader. Glad things fell apart before we got to null, cause it was bound to happen sooner or later.

  7. Thanks for the write up, always a good read when you post. What do you think it would take though to get the Caldari Militia up to the pew pew standards of the Gallente? The variance in kill mails between them is pretty large, especially when you take into account numbers (though the Caldari have vastly more farmers for obvious reasons).

    • i can tell you right now.

      1. killer perma banned and kept from this gamer perma.
      2. templis dissolved. they refuse to fully get involved in the militia and expect everyone to do as the grand master scylus tells them to do.
      3. vicktor gone.
      4. one specific alliance to be formed to unite everyone, bring in all the corp who are trying to do their own thing and slap them around a bit for being dumb.
      5. did i say get rid of vick yet?

      • oh yeah let me also add that this new alliance being formed by sub has my vote. he has the intelligence and the patience. Maybe not the full know how when it comes to eve but he has the brains to ask for advice from people who do know what the hell they are doing. He just needs to find an FC that does it for the gudfights and not one like vick or mnemic or hora or killer who do it for some internet glory. the above named people think just because they take a few fleets out and get lucky every once in a while that they are great at it. they have SO much to learn about pvp before they even start learning how to FC. vick is a lost cause tbh, the guy cant take advice, he will sorta listen and then in his mind tell you to go fuck your self….

      • Emotions have no place for answering a purely logical question, Khan, so that rids your points of 1,2,3, and 5. “bring in all the corp who are trying to do their own thing and slap them a bit for being dumb.” Khan, have you ever heard the term “Respect existence or expect resistance.”? Obviously not, because anyone in the right mind would fight back. The only way you can get a large alliance like you are saying is promoting diplomatic relations between the corps and convincing them to join, not forcing them to. Therefore #4 is null and void also, and you have nothing.

        …At all.

        Good day.

  8. khan you talk about uniting the militia you cant even sort ur own alliance out, dnt u think you should have people skills before sorting stuff out with other people 😀

  9. This is dumber than a box of hammers.

  10. I can’t help but enjoy the shows here. So much emotion flying around, it seems as though many have forgotten that this is a game meant to be enjoyed and not stressed over. I’ll keep flying, fighting, building up MBLOC and eating popcorn.

    Khan don’t ever change, you’re a fun part of the game mate. Get your ass into galmil already.

  11. This is amusing, thanks for lol’z

  12. This is fascinating stuff. Galmil doesn’t seem to have many alliances. Maybe what keeps Galmil more relaxed is that most of the commanders do their own thing in their own way but pull together for a system push. Alliances lead to politics and drama unless you have an incredibly cool headed leader in charge, which it seems you don’t. Maybe you need to spread your power base instead of trying to consolidate. Unlike the real military, Eve has no clear chain of command. Faction War has the advantage of a natural alliance (the faction alignment itself) without the need to forge one. I’m with Guinan. I want to see you guys coming to fight us. Not each other. Wholesale squid slaughter gets boring quickly.

    I guess it’s also kind of tricky when many of your best fighters speak only Russian. Hard to coordinate past a language barrier. Maybe what you need most is a handful of good translators . . .

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