Breaking: Biohazard Announces Departure from Amarr Militia

This summer has seen numerous tremors in the Amarr militia. Personalities have left, new forces have entered, and now a major alliance is closing a chapter on its time in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone. The WINMATAR. alliance, largely led by the Biohazard. [-BIO-] corporation, has drawn ire as well as respect all across the warzone. But it is certainly not fair to sum up this alliance in such a short summary as WINMATAR. has quite a tumultuous history. Forced to leave the Minmatar militia after a civil war that corresponded with the rise of the 24th Imperial Crusade in February, WINMATAR. quickly saw itself leading the charge–after seriously grinding Amarr standing–against former allies in the spearhead against White Lotus in the system of Lulm. More recently, WINMATAR. Biohazard. was instrumental in supplying manpower and leadership during the “Burn Huola” campaign, resulting in carnage and weeks of fighting.

As of 8/10/2014 at at 20:00 (eight days after the anniversary of Biohazard. joining WINMATAR.), Executor Aslon Seridith announced that Biohazard. would be moving on to nullsec while the larger WINMATAR. alliance would be entering a period of dormancy. With member corporations already disbanded from the alliance, reached out to Biohazard leadership to gain insight on Biohazard.’s departure from the warzone.

In the words of Biohazard director Maximus Decimal, “Firstly I’d like to make it clear that Biohazard. is not closing its doors. WINMATAR. however will not be recruiting or functioning as it has been for the last year, or in the way a traditional alliance does. WINMATAR. will act as a holding alliance for -BIO- members if they wish to farm some LP from Amarr FW missions. Biohazard. remains active and alive.” Maximus Decimal was also kind enough to take part in the following interview:

Q – Why the decision to leave the warzone? There are rumors of a shake-up at the leadership level in WINMATAR. Does that have anything to do with the decision?

A – The decision to leave the warzone was made for a multitude and combination of reasons. Biohazard. is nearly 1.5 years old now. We have gone from strength to strength, then from not so strong to even more so than before. We rise and fall like the tier, retaining our core members and staff along with our stubbornness and unwillingness to go quietly like many before us. But each time we take a hit, it chips away a little of our drive, currently we see the members and leaders strong but the will to rebuild from another fall is not completely there… The work that goes into running a corporation such as -BIO- along with our alliance is extremely taxing and the pressure on our staff members pushes them too far. We have lost good members due to this in the past. We will be moving away from this high stress, fast paced model to a more relaxed and laid back method of running and operating within the corporation. This is a preemptive move designed to prevent or avoid another activity/morale drop and therefore negate the need for a rebuild.

Q – Where will Biohazard be moving? What sort of focus will Biohazard be looking at in terms for its members leaving the warzone?

A – Biohazard. will be joining an alliance within the Syndicate region who maintain the same attitude as we always have in regards to our objectives. We will remain on the offensive concentrating our efforts on building our fleet doctrines and corp member ability while cooperating with our new alliance’s objectives. The move will mean we have to trim alot of inactive pilots and deadweight from the corp. We are looking at a cut of up to 60% of the member base, and this includes the members who will want to remain in faction warfare.

Q – Have provisions been made for members who would like to stay in the warzone, if any?

A – There has been talks with the other member corporations of WINMATAR. alliance and we suspect many of the pilots who want to stay in the Amarr militia will join one of the other alliance members. At least that is what we hope to see. We do understand that all pilots have their own choices to make and we hope that they also respect the decision for -BIO- to move on.

Q – Have you decided how the restructuring of Biohazard will proceed?

A – Biohazard. was formed by a guy who had never run a corp before and did not expect it to become a fearsome war machine. So alot of the infrastructure and procedures, such as roles and responsibilities, were put together and established ‘on the fly.’ This works for a corp that runs around blowing shit up, giving no fucks, and generally smallgang low(ish) risk stuff. However, with the new model -BIO- will up its game and make a step towards the future. This will give us a chance to break all the old and messy procedures down and rebuild them completely. We will essentially be starting with a clean slate, we hope.

Q – Reminiscing, what were the high points for WINMATAR. ? The low points?

A – I would say our high points have been numerous, but our low points hit hard. The forced disbanding of two alliances in the history of Biohazard. is always nice to look back on. It really shows what we are capable of. The capture and holding of the stronghold Sahtogas was a huge victory for us as we were told it could not be done. Conversely, our hardest challenge came shorty after a very low point for us. The Minmatar Civil war saw us defeated in Bosboger. We were attempting a defensive war against two militias, one hitting our POSes, and the other hitting our complexes and attempting a flip on the system. We were outnumbered and pushed with our backs hard up against the wall. The outcome saw us craving the blood of the Minmatar militia members and pushed us to defect to the Amarr… No easy task, the standings grind alone is a massive accomplishment not to mention the logistical and diplomatic issues. However, we made it and I dare say we made it as a respected member of the Amarr militia and we have earned our places in the ranks of the Empire.

Q – Do you have any additional comments? Parting words to any Minmatar out there?

A – Additional comments? No, people will say what they want about us, and they will believe the hearsay. Truth is, we came, we saw, and we had a fucking blast.

A – Parting words to any Minmatar? Sure, thanks for all the gudfights, I can honestly say that they DO exist and FW is a great place to find them. The Minmatar gave us a reason to continue, they made sure we would not fade into the ether and become a shadow of what we once were. Biohazard. remained strong if only to be defiant to what the Minmatar claimed to know about us and predicted would become of us… Inadvertantly, in trying to destroy us, they galvanized us against an enemy of greater numbers and greater force. See you soon, Huola.


Maximus Decimal & The Biohazard. team

About Reginald Sakakibara

Reginald Sakakibara is a relatively new player to both EvE and faction warfare, formerly fighting for Her Majesty as a member of Heart of Pyerite [NO45] in Imperial Outlaws. He continues to call the warzone his home, living in Kamela as a member of Death by Design [URGRD] within Did he say Jump.

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  1. @Maximus Decimal

  2. Selling Vouches into Origin for 1bil! ( LoL )

  3. Dog come up to Galmil man, dont go all Nullbear on me 🙁

  4. Glad to see you go! Minny/Amarr FW will grow healthier now that most hated corp of shitlords to ever be in Fw have had their asses kicked and run to null. Bio may have brought content to the wz but what a foul smell they were. All i have heard from minny members is laughter and joy to see the stench of deluded arrogance and bottom feeding shit fit fleets that was Bio’s ethos finally flushed out of Fw. Im sure it wont take long in zero to become hated too.

    • Angus Ritchie, still bleeding from the epic butthurt that -BIO- gave him… haha we won against you!

      • Lol..whats epic butt hurt was that?..When i left Bio over a year ago cos i saw it turning into a bunch of assholes? Then joined Hodor-Unicorns and had them wardecc you and beat you like dogs with only 10 guys? and you had to hide in station till the wardec ran out and we were bored to tears? Bio was always gonna fail cascade into ignominy and irrelevance jumping from one wz to another and finally null and then possible oblivion cos the fundamental ethos of Bio was win at any cost use anybody at any cost till you were hated and looked down upon and then purged like the Bio you truly are.

  5. Null sec talwars have now become a thing

  6. Max come on we all know you Mantis and Asslon love a 3 way

  7. Ha! Nice to see you bring mantis in to back you up!..lmao calling me ‘so mad’. This is mantis whos claim to fame is screaming filthy abuse at Fleet mates while he fc’s and whos predilection for shemale porn is not a thinly disguised as he thinks it is. I laugh when i read you idiots trying to paint Bio as some glorious corp that fought valiantly to the end, listing your failures as achievements. The truth is your Hubris and stupidity got you hated and attacked by both the amarr militia and the minny miltia actually calling a truce to fight you. and the result was you were flogged! Flogged out of minny fw. You failed in Gall and were already hated by reputation there and then returned to amarr fw only to be utterly flogged in the burn Huola campaign. Now you are again floigged out of fw and sent packing to null. you like to list your acheivments on forums. Well apart from the above achievements of failing at everything you set out to do lets list some of your other acheivements. Being a corp thief Getting suspended for harrassing an ex-corp members wife in RL and encouraging others to do the same. And as for me leaving BIO over a year ago i left cos i got in a row with your mate Beta Page a scum sucking low life who bullied some 13 year old kid in the game to stealing from his dads credit card and you backed him up because your as low as he is. Bio is a symbol of lowness in and out of the game. Its you that was beaten not me. Im still in minny fw lol.

    • OMG angus you butthurt much? You left BIO because you got KICKED OUT, and you were kicked out because you are terrible at this game and too stupid to realize it. You would run your mouth over FC’s and get fleets killed. Then blame the FC. BTW, we did great in Gallente and took several systems in our first week there. They were very pleased and we made plenty of friends there. We came back to Ammar because we wanted to fight minnies.

      The funny thing about all this floggin you bring up is that we took on groups much larger than us regularly, and they were scared to face us. So they brought everyone they could possibly find to help. Because Bio is that scary to most of the people who’s cocks you suck.

      Also, go cry moar about people we scam. You are a special, special guy Angus. Hasn’t your wife kicked you out for being a belligerent unemployed manchild yet? Seriously, its been a year GET THE FUCK OVER IT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      • Shadoo`s Eybrows

        thats utter bullshit u guys station spun in yvangier and only flipping that got done was galmil flipping u guys the bird

  8. Agreed currently in Gallente Militia and Biohazard are a joke, why not join Caldari so everyone can share in the joke which is Biohazard. Max lol this guy formed a corp but couldn’t run it kinda sad. Honestly guys you think Biohazard is a respected name in FW LOL………. too funny. Max become an egotistical prick , just check his employment history , if he cared so much about Biohazard lol why did he leave so many time’s ?

  9. Guys stop being little girls and move on ……………………………. let the joke Biohazard retire to the history of failed corps.

  10. Lol Mike D! Thats The maximus Decimal and Bio style log on an alt to praise Bio or shit on someone.I didnt get kicked for anything. The person who ‘kicked’ me from Bio hazard was Zeeon.. lets ask him he fuckin hates u all too..see his post.. Zeeon eventually left Bio too cos it had turned to shit. And i left because i got into a fight with assholes ripp off scum and liars like Beta page and some idiot who was his mate, he followed me throught the comms abusing me and makin sexual coments about my wife. I told him he needed my fist jammed down his coward throat and you being a gutless two faced asswipe couldnt punish yer buddy without punishing me for something i hadnt done. So i told zeeon im not accepting the sanction ‘go ahead and fuckin kick me’. remember? Remember why i was made an officer? Cos i was councilling you to not get over egotistical and start thinking Bio was the big cheese in fw, That bio would be hated if you went down that road remember? remember i was promoted to try and keep the old original Biohazard ethos of we are a band of brothers who fight together and look after each other? remember when Bio was the ‘pride’ of minmatar not the disgrace it became?The truth is Bio was a failure. You set out to become the biggest and the best corp in MINNY FW. AND YOU FAILED SO BADLY YOU GOT FLOGGED OUT OF IT. Thats your legacy right there. everthing else you did, have done will do is as a result of that penultimate failure. you reel around from one fw zone to another like some drunk or junky telling lies to cover up the failures. How it was someone elses fault and the glory of Bio is ‘real’. the truth is you failed and youre too much of a stupid liar to see that you did. its all fallen prey to the revisionism of a power drunk liar.. It was a your plan wasnt it?.it was all those bad minny fw corps didnt get it Hey Max? I have 3 ex senior officer of the original Bio in my corp including me. I have 2 others just left my alliance to go to Gall space. I wish them well. They are my friends Leroy and Zeeon. Zeeon Askari who was co-founder of Bio with you Max.My friends not yours. Cos you failed Max and your a fucking liar. And everyone hates you…muhahahaha!

  11. So much butt hurt from all sides on this post……its fucking great how mad and seriouse you retards get over this game and I liked flying with Bio recently just a bunch of assholes trolling killing and causing gfs but I would join em 😉

  12. “actually got good” whats that mean you foul mouthed Scotch git? Anchoring a bunch of noobs in meta 3 fit Talwars around hitting F1 and calling tgts while you scream at them? or 3mill T1 fit merlin blobbing? When was it good? When you got flogged out of Minny FW for being assholes or when you tried to burn Huola and set fire to yourselves? Rofl. And as for this idiot Galmil claiming this is butt this isnt butt hurt. Bio have been telling lies about themselves on blogs and forums trying to create some ‘glorious’ history about themselves before they finally fizzle and die in anonimity in npc null. This is just sport for me sticking the pins into these fuckwits and watching em squirm as the truth comes out.. MUHAAHAHAHA! Angus! hes poison!
    Remebr screaming that to the Unicorns max? lol “dont listen to Angus hes poison!”..before they wardecced you with 10 guys and made you staion up for a fortnight..lawl!

  13. So just to clarify: You don’t get a guy like Agnus Richie to spend his days lurking on forums looking to beat up Biohazard Verbally with out OUT RIGHT SPANKING HIM continuously in game. He’s resorted to the only type of combat he can do without loosing his ships. MAD TYPING SKILLS Trained to lvl 5.

    Same with Zeon, crazy how people outside of Bio think they know the corp so well : ) all they know is the horrible sound of their ships hitting Hull. Zeon obviously jealous he was removed from the corp when it had become the Biohazard known today. <– For Biohazard pilots <3

    "If they ever tell my story let them say that I walked with giants.
    Alliances rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die.
    Let them say I lived in the time of Huola Co, Elitist of farmers.
    Let them say I lived in the time of Winmatar"

    • Innocent Bystander

      Ody I will miss your fleets, you are one of the most respected FCs in this godforsaken warzone. Good luck to you.

  14. Innocent Bystander

    wow, this is so awesome.

    Angus please keep going you are going full retard here its epic man don’t stop. Biohazard. are indeed a bunch of trolls, flew with them countless times and had tons of fun, I think that’s all they are really interested in. Yeah their command chain was not perfect but who’s is? mantis raged people out of corp but hes a bloc level FC, what do you expect lol.

    I say +1 to BIO, good luck in the future.

  15. #biotouchedangus

  16. angus your tears sustain us

  17. I had a blast when I was in Biohazard. It was my first go at PvP and I learned a lot, not to mention the epic fights we got in. I enjoyed fighting alongside you guys and wish -BIO- well. Good luck in null fellows, I hope you do well.

  18. Lol! Seriously..still trying to re-write History. “Outright spanking” i suppose losing 2 ships in a year to Biohazard and Biohazard losing over 10 to me can be considered an outright spanking by such losers! LMAO! And we’re talking a reaper and a purifier here boys and Girls, that i lost!..lololol. Woe u guys are good! Go look at the kill board you stupid lying hated flogged Bio And i dont really need to speak for Zeeon, he can speak for himself but id bet without looking at his Kb that he has shat on you Talwar anchoring, 3 mill fit Merlin toting fuckin scrublords! And the truth is he didnt get Kicked from Bio anymore than i did he left cos Aslon worm tongue implemented a 100% Tax! a 100% tax omfg, prolly to buy some more merlins to be awesome and he eventually realised as i did that Bio was…well a big steaming Bio! That it was a hated bunch of deluded shitlords lying on forums, about their merlin talwar awesomness. No extra charge for awesome!

    • -BIO- can’t be that bad, I heard they had invites from Triumvirate, Shadow Cartel, and Disavowed.

      Truth: None of you FW scrubs have a chance against any of those alliances.

      Anus Ritchie > BIO, y u no give fucks :’-(

    • Anus Richie will never be able to unrustle his jimmies, op success


  20. LOL I left because it became the Bio of today SHIT , no friends or respect run off to null losers.
    You guys need to stop drinking ‘coolaid’ and making up stories , facts are you failed with the mighty Biohazard project so bad its embarrassing.

  21. -BIO- can’t be that bad, I heard they had invites from Triumvirate, Shadow Cartel, and Disavowed.

    LMFAO yet they joined some crappy null sec alliance no one has ever heard off.

    Rumours spread by Bio leaders to save face.

  22. No ones saying Bio had no fights or didnt win any. I heard they had some good when mantis screaming his head off at you all (you sad pathetic pricks for letting someone speak to you like that!)Lead a 25 Talwars into resboroko and killed a slasher! Sure you little noobs would have learned stuff from that kind of leet pvp. And yeah there was fights when you got flogged out of minny fw and when you got flogged out of Amarr fw in the so called burn Huola campaign. I agree you can learn things from being losers, with a leet loser ass kisser fc’s like odysseus…I heard that oddy likes to dress up as a shemale for mantis after they lose a fight and have him scream at him.

  23. Not at all at all. We are just sick of the lies and bullshit and propoganda this gang of shitlords and asswipes have put out about their so called glorious achievements. Time to set the record straight, about the fail they were and the floggings they got in every militia they tried and failed in.

  24. Innocent Bystander

    anus just wants the last word here I think… what a tool

  25. Damn. Angus #1 -BIO- Fan thanks for spreading our name where we cannot <3

  26. Yeah i spread it on the toilet paper when i do a Bio!

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