BNI Join Calmil

Ok for real this time. Several sources within BNI and a Reddit thread confirm that Brave Newbies will join Calmil, mirroring the trajectory of TEST a few years ago. According to one poster, they’re looking for a home near Waffles and Horde on the Calmil side of the WZ.

If this is true, then my guess is that they will land in Iralaja, the only unoccupied system simultaneously near Waffles, Horde and the front lines. If they wanted to be closer to Horde, they might also choose Hykanima although that would remove them from the front lines of FW. Once again, this is assuming Brave doesn’t just move into an occupied system like Kehjari or Kinakka.

This move ought to change the entire outlook in the WZ as the Gallente will be faced with an onslaught of farmers desperate for plexing LP/ISK. In spite of this, Galmil pilots are looking forward to seeing their killboards light up like they did when TEST came to FW.

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