Battle of Kamela

On May 28, responding to calls from ePIMP of 24eme Legion Etrangere [24FL], Odysseus Olacar of WINMATAR Biohazard [-BIO-] led a fleet to bash Kamela (one of 24eme Legion Etrangere’s home systems), in exchange for aid in retaking Dal. The fleet raised was open militia, including elements from WINMATAR, 24eme Legion Etrangere [24FL], Shirak Skunkworks [SWKS], I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth [J4LP], Vitoc Health Services [VHS], and other entities.

Yet, one of the hazards of utilizing open militia fleets for major engagements made itself apparent almost as soon as a shield-based fleet was prepared to sail. According to Odysseus Olacar, “Upon forming the fleet and prepping to undock Minmatar conveniently landed tackle on the Ihub right as I called to undock. Several other Minmatar movements led me to believe that Minmatar had spies on coms. Which is not uncommon during our civil war with Minmatar Annah Kitheran [of Angry Mustellid (WEAZL)] would not fight us without spies on coms for play by play and snuff box on the batphone.”

Odysseus Olacar ordered a reship to an armor fleet, which numbered roughly 40 pilots. Support ships included six Augorors, two Exequrors, a number of ECM and damp boats, along with Navy Augorors outfitted for neuting.

The first engagement, which was not captured on video, occurred in Kourmonen where the combined Amarr forces ran into a Minmatar fleet of Guardians and Sacrileges as well as an Iron Oxide frigate fleet.

This first fight was a major victory, as it included destroying an Iron Oxide boosting legion. After regrouping, the Amarr fleet jumped into Kamela, which quickly became a hotbed of activity as Amarrian scouts indicated that additional Guardians and Sacrileges from the Minmatar militia were preparing to jump from Kourmonen to Kamela. The fight was captured here:

With logistics pulling range, the Amarr fleet prepared for battle as DPS and ECM reapproached the gate. The Minmatar Guardians did not break at first, bolstered in support when Annah Kitheran mobilized a shield gang to outflank the Amarrian forces in order to eliminate their ECM. However, Amarrian ECM proved to be too agile as they landed jams on the Minmatar Guardian fleet, eventually allowing the Amarr forces to break three of the four Guardians. By the time the Guardians had been broken, Micky Nox of Angry Mustellid [WEAZL] lost a faction/deadspace fit Vigilant to the Amarrian armor fleet. Once the Guardians were down, Republic forces deaggressed and crashed the gate, allowing the Amarrian fleet to move to the Ihub.

According to Odysseus Olacar, “There was also a rumor that pilots had points on Anna Kitheran in his Damnation and before in another ship and he warped away? [sic] Does the “hero” minny FC fit stabs? O_O”

Once on the Ihub, Amarrian scouts indicated that the Minmatar were raising a battleship fleet without logistics support, a composition that to Odysseus Olacar “SCREAMED Triage.” This placed the Amarrian fleet at a major disadvantage as its Armor logistics were still essentially T1 Augorors. Undaunted by the odds, the Amarr fleet held its ground and even broke a Megathron before two Archons hit the field. The Amarr fleet attempted to hold out until help arrived either in the form of Pandemic Legion [-10.0] or Shadow Cartel [SHDWC]. But ultimately there was no way to break the Minmatar battleships and out-DPS the Triage carriers. After a final desperate attempt on one of the Archons, the Amarrian fleet was ultimately defeated and the Minmatar Republic seized the field.

Odysseus Olacar and the Amarrian militia were frustrated once intel arrived that Snuff Box [SNUFD] had Titan bridged into a nearby system and had plans to bridge from a 2nd Titan once the Amarrian fleet reshipped. In the words of Odysseus Olacar, “This is not the first time Annah has cried to his buddies for help so it did not surprise me this time was the same. This discouraged outside efforts to help us and ifanyone from Snuff reads this: If Snuff form on a batphone for Minmatar groups we will see it, and we will disengage. We will not engage a fleet with Snuff box supporting it. 100 Machariels is just out of our league 🙂 So answering Batphones from Crymatar is useless there will not be a fight.”

Shadow Cartel [SHDWC] scouts eventually arrived in Kamela, as rumors floated around of a PL gang forming up. Meanwhile the Snuff Box fleet reportedly began considering destroying the Minmatar carriers “due to the lack of a fight they could offer.” Ultimately, the Amarrian fleet regrouped into Stealth Bombers and support frigates, retaking Kamela. They then went to Dal, where they encountered no Minmatar resistance, while larger pirate entities roamed the warzone around them.

In his statement, Odysseus Olacar added that, with Biohazard [-BIO-] final blows alone 1.8 billion isk of Minmatar assets were destroyed. He concluded with the following, “As much as I bash the Minmatar Militia, the fights that went down were awesome and I thank all the pilots that fought us, they did 1 up us in our 3rd engagement. And as much as snuff box pisses me off and I give a thumbs down to that we would have done the same, and in fact tried to do the same once we saw what was being put on field. Good fights, and we will surely be meeting on the battlefield again. AMARRIAN VICTOR! o7.”

Responding to a request for a statement from, Annah Kitheran of Angry Mustellid [WEAZL] had this to say, “Not much to say to be brutally honest. We chanced reps holding on the first engagement but the hostiles had more ewar than expected so reps broke, we deaggroed and most of us jumped out. Seeing the amount of ewar we reshipped a little heavier and I opened the fleet up beyond corp and took the fight on the IHUB. Content happened. I think we came out ahead on killmails and you guys came back and took Kamela later (which suits me just fine).

*Special thanks to Odysseus Olacar of WINMATAR Biohazard [-BIO-] for a very lengthy and detailed battle report as well as Annah Kitheran of Angry Mustellid [WEAZL] for providing perspective from the

Minmatar side.

About Reginald Sakakibara

Reginald Sakakibara is a relatively new player to both EvE and faction warfare, formerly fighting for Her Majesty as a member of Heart of Pyerite [NO45] in Imperial Outlaws. He continues to call the warzone his home, living in Kamela as a member of Death by Design [URGRD] within Did he say Jump.

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  1. Thanatos Marathon

    Thank you very much for the play by play as well as the video. It is always nice to hear what is shaking in the other War zone and it is good to see people out and blowing up space ships in actual fights rather than ganks.

    P.S. you may want to work with your ECM pilot(s) on their technique.

    • As I am the ECM-pilot that captured the fight above I happily admit that my performance was lacking.

      I usually dont fly ECM in fleets. If anybody could offer some advice as to what to do better next time I would be happy to hear it.

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