August Amarr/Minmatar Update

This month proved an exceptionally active one for the Amarr vs. Minmatar faction warfare space. With a total of 15 systems changing hands activity in the warzone is at a fever pitch. Both Amarr and Minmatar gained major alliances that shaped the doctrines and landscape of the warzone.

How We Got Here
With Amarr starting the month at 9 systems it was a make or break period. Amarr came into August hemorrhaging systems at a rate of 1 per week. Many Amarr-loyal units were scrambling from system to system trying to evac existing assets and move new ships in for system defenses. Those that chose to stay in low sec settled on 3 systems of Arzad, Kourmonen, and Kamela.

Notable Arrivals and Departures
For the Amarr side, the addition of Local is Primary and Habitual Chaos proved to be a pair of arrivals that they desperately needed. Local is Primary (CTRLV) is led by Dirt ‘n’ Glitter and contains 117 members. Habitual Chaos (-HB-) is a 136 member alliance with the leading force being Calibrated Chaos. However, Amarr also lost a major alliance of Multicultural F1 Brigade, a 94 member strong group that held the northern portion of the warzone for Amarr.

For the Minmatar side they gained a formidable fighting force in Hashahin Cartel (HASH). Hashahin Cartel came into the warzone with over 200 members and quickly made its presence felt. Led by Hounds of War, Hashain Cartel has served as a rallying banner, and has gained the Corps of Rep-X, The Ghosts of Deep Space, and Hoplite Brigade all of which were unaffiliated Minmatar corporations. Total member count for Hashashin Cartel stands at 419 members.

Doctrines of the Warzone
In a single month a handful of doctrines have become dominant in the warzone. Amarr heavily favors the lower SP intensive ships, while Minmatar lean heavily on the higher SP ships.
The doctrines of Amarr are: 1) Confessors with Inquisitor logistics, 2) Vexors with Augoror logi, 3) Augoror Navy Issue with Guardian Logistics. Minmatar doctrines are: 1) Hecate with Inquisitor logi, and 2) Sacrileges with Guardians.

The Confessor doctrine was heavily favored by Amarr in the earlier portion of the month and was perceived as nearly unbeatable at the destroyer level. However, Hashashin Cartel’s Hecate fleets have dominated all clashes between the two destroyer doctrines leading to the shelving of Confessors. Amarr’s Vexor doctrine has predictably been unable to cope with the Minmatar Sacrilege fleets, but the Augoror Navy Issue doctrine is able to hold its own. Of note is that both Amarr and Minmatar have begun to show T3 Cruiser fleets in increasing prevalence.

Warzone Changes
Amarr started the month with 9 systems while Minmatar held 61. A cluster of 5 in the north resupplied from Jita, and 4 disassociated systems in the south. For clarity, north refers to what is naturally Minmatar space while the south refers to natural Amarr space. The north was home to Multicultural F1 Brigade, while the south is held Local Is Primary, Habitual Chaos, and Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris. The month has ended with Amarr holding 14 systems all of which are in the southern portion of the warzone.

For a large portion of the month, Amarr had lost no systems leading to a system count of 19. In order of captures, Amarr gained Siflar, Ezzara, Tararan, Lamaa, Raa, Tzvi, Sosala, Oyeman, Iesa, Tannakan, and Anka. Habitual Chaos led a campaign for Semou, while Local Is Primary pushed into the Vaarma and Tandoiras Constellations. The sudden departure of F1 Brigade from the north led to a rapid loss of 3 systems in a 24 hour period. Another two systems followed shortly after, bringing the total Amarr losses on the month to 5 (all in the Aldodan Constellation). The systems gained by Minmatar are Todifrauan, Ofstold, Arnher, Evati and Lasleinur. Overall, 15 systems changed hands this month with Amarr at a positive net of 5.

Where We Go From Here
Though Amarr have shown gains in the warzone, it still has a long way to go. Throughout the month Minmatar have rarely left Tier 4 control and Amarr has yet to reach Tier 2. Additionally, the systems gained by Amarr have all been far from any Minmatar supply lines. To emphasize this fact, the 4 systems closest to the Minmatar staging systems are over 50% contested level, while no other Amarr system shows a similar level of contestability or liability to be lost. With Minmatar clearing their backyard from Amarr presence, Minmatar will be able to cast a singular focus on the warzone’s southern systems.

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