An Interview with Mr Majestic

Mr Majestic
Mr Majestic – Executor of Bohica Empire

Faction Warfare has seen quite the surge in popularity lately in the broader “EVE media” world. While other areas of space are idling and dealing with player apathy, our warzones are alive with conflict. The faction plexing system is even being used as the base model for lots of “null-sov revamp” articles. It’s interesting to note the accompanying influx of players to our ranks, among them some noteworthy groups. Mr Majestic, who recently helped form [BEBIG], answered a few questions for us about his alliance’s venture into lowsec and faction warfare. 

FW: How did you first get started in the game of EVE? What was your career path like? Can you recall any early goals you had set for yourself?

Mr: I first started EVE in 2003 with a couple of school friends, we were all keen to try this new game. We all started out as industrialists and basically what we now call carebears, we got into the odd skirmish but nothing serious PVP related until a couple of years later.

I started experimenting with PVP and ended up in a few fun corporations, sadly none were to last and I hopped back and forth between them. Around 2007/2008 I experimented with running my own corps, I was young, very inexperienced and basically had no clue. They all failed spectacularly as you can imagine from things like corp thefts to just really bad leadership.

I knew I really enjoyed simply playing with the people I found in-game, sometimes rather than the game itself. I wanted to run a successful corporation and got the opportunity to a couple of times, sadly again very little in EVE lasts and things moved on and so did my corporations. I set the usual ‘I want a supercap!’ goals too and managed to achieve both the mothership and titan goals, with the latter thanks to mainly the help of my fantastic corp mates who are mostly still with me to this day.

FW: How did the switch to faction warfare come about? What were the circumstances around the formation of the alliance?

Mr: I had been playing in nullsec for at least the last five years with a few short breaks here and there and hadn’t really experimented with faction warfare outside of a couple of alts just to see how it worked and what fun could be had there. I met my good friend Krullon in a corporation called nul-li-fy that we both helped run and we hatched a few harebrained ideas to one day create an alliance. A few months ago the circumstances were right and we had the right people around us for leadership and logistical positions and decided we could make a real go of things, thus, Bohica Empire was born.

FW: Describe the initial choice to join the Caldari Militia. How was your brief time there? What brought about the switch to Gallente?

Mr: In Bohica we have a newbie friendly, training corporation that takes brand new players and turns them into battle-hardened warriors (at least we like to think so :P). We thought it would be best for them if we kept Jita and Caldari space in general open to the new players. It turns out that idea was silly and we should have gone with our first choice of Gallente.

I know a lot of your readers won’t believe me and still think we’re dirty turncoats and I honestly don’t blame them. We did flip sides after all but not for the Tier 4 and certainly not to simply farm LP. Caldari in the end just isn’t as organized as Gallente and that’s something we really missed coming from a nullsec alliance. We had a lot of fun learning the new mechanics of lowsec and FW in general and don’t regret using Caldari as a test bed for our endeavours with Gallente Militia. I have nothing against the Caldari Militia there are some fantastic players and they do have some great leadership, it just wasn’t right for us at the time.

FW: Now that you’ve settled into things, are you enjoying life in low-sec? Are plex mechanics still somewhat of a novelty to most of your members?

Mr: We’re absolutely loving lowsec so far, honestly the content is great, the players are engaging and I feel people take more risks here just learning and testing things out. I actually enjoy plex mechanics and I know our FCs have been having a lot of fun with them too, especially large plex mechanics being able to warp at range and then kite around and basically be immune to probes and people trying to warp on top of you. The power of our Ishtars really shine there as long as you can kill tackle fast enough that is! The defenders’ advantage of the gated Plex is definitely something we had to get used too, simply warping kiting Tristans in there to get scrammed didn’t work out more times that I like to admit to. Welp!

FW: Would you like to share any ambitions for your alliance? Long term plans?

Mr: We definitely plan to stay Gallente Militia for the long term, as I said we’re loving it here and can’t see that changing anytime soon.

FW: So have you been open to working with the broader GalMil community or do you see yourselves as more of a solitary entity?

Mr: We’re already working with several groups in GalMil and have taken a few systems with them so far, we’re definitely for the team and a lot of our fleets are open to the militia and already run from their comms. We couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve had from GalMil so far and hope we can help each other in the weeks and months to come.

FW: Would you care to comment on Into the Ether leaving for Razor?

Mr: I think we’re both better off with that change, I wish them the best of luck!

FW: Will your alliance be remaining blue to N3?

Mr: We have no specific plans to blue or work with anyone other than our friends here.

FW: So is the alliance recruiting? Care to announce a staging system or targets of interest?

Mr: I would like to thank the tireless effort of our FCs and leadership in general, without you guys we really would be nothing! I also want to thank PERUNGA and Thanatos Marathon for showing us the ropes and helping us transition to Gallente Militia. Our alliance and corporations are recruiting, if you’re interested hit me up in-game and I’m more than happy to have a chat with you.

Caldari already know what systems we want, I hope they are ready!


Admin/Editors Note: Apologies that this took a while to be brought online. This interview was given to me prior to Caldari losing all the systems, but being Caldari myself I was a bit tied up with dealing with that. I was unable to get this out on time, so some things, such as the last question, are out of date.

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  1. Bohica Empire is recruiting, join BEBIG Public in game and check out our website

  2. Slenderman iswatchinu

    Fc can I bring a Drake?

  3. Lets be honest here. You guys Left Null. Joined Caldari noticed Caldari was losing so went to the Gallente. That is Glory Hunting, Bohica deserve no respect for what has been accomplished in recent weeks, People like JUSTK Perunga ECT Do. Go back to Nullsec were you belong

    • Because you can’t glance at the WZ before joining a faction? It’s not like calmil wasn’t losing and in t1 when Bohica joined. I heard they left because calmil has pretty lame community.

    • JustToPointOutWhosTheObviousIdiot

      much butthurt, keep it comin 🙂

  4. Caldari Foot Soldier

    Death to the Bohica Traitors Who left us in a time of need. Instead of helping bring together the alliances you bail to the Gallente? Absolutely pathetic.You apparently cannot handle a good fight and so you took the high road and join a milita that already could form the numbers. I wont be surprised when you flip back to Caldari once we start flipping systems and upping our tiers. I value the True gallente more than some scrub alliance that rides on the coattails of an already succesful Milita. You are trully the scum of this War zone.

  5. Nice interview, and its nice to have you guys in Gal Mil. Bohica has been nothing but a joy to work with since day one.

    – Than

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