An Interview with GUIYNAN and PERUNGA

Below is a guest article submitted by Mira deVorsha and Wally Barenkamp interviewing GUIYNAN and PERUNGA, both FC’s in the Gallente militia. This interview was done shortly after the Burn Okkamon campaign had finished.

GUIYNAN - Gallente FC
GUIYNAN – Gallente FC

Caldari FC ‘Mira deVorsha’ reached out to Gallente FC ‘Guiynan’ to discuss Faction Warfare. ‘GUIYNAN’ later invited Gallente FC ‘PERUNGA’ to help with information related to the most recent Caldari & Gallente engagements.


Mira deVorsha: To start, can you tell me what brought you to factional warfare?

GUIYNAN: I was here a long, long time ago with <WOLFY> and took a break of 2 years. I just wanted to play the game again with my GF so I joined back up.

Mira deVorsha: Nice, so your girlfriend also plays Eve? Do you fly together?

GUIYNAN: Yea, she is an ECM pilot for GalMil. She’s a cool kitsune character mate, sure she has had you jammed a few times 🙂

Mira deVorsha: Have you always flown with the Gallente Militia?

GUIYNAN: Pretty much all of my PvP has been with the militia, it’s fast and most nights are good fun.

Mira deVorsha: So you plan on sticking with Gallente Militia? Null-Sec or Wormhole space doesn’t tempt your fancy?

GUIYNAN: I went with <Verge> and <ER> to their wormhole for a while, but this will remain my home for the foreseeable future.

Mira deVorsha: Nice, recently there has been a lot of talk about Faction Warfare with the Huola campaign involving the Amarr and Minmatar. Do you think the Caldari and Gallente warzone has dried up due to the massive fighting between the other Factions?

GUIYNAN: I have been away for a few weeks and I have no idea what went on in Huola. I get in trouble on a regular basis for not paying attention to what goes on and where. I log on to blap ships and I love it.

Mira deVorsha: At least you enjoy the game the way you play it. Recently Gallente have been shipping up, is there a reason for that or was it just required?

GUIYNAN: Shipping up is usually due to the FC’s personal opinion. I’m waiting for the CalMil to come down this way with some nice Cruisers and Battlecruisers to have a laugh. I have a nice new fleet composition I want to try out.

Mira deVorsha: Interesting. As you are aware I fly with CalMil. We know most of the Gallente FC’s like you know ours. Why is it that some FC’s are respected for their position and leadership, while other FC’s are hated for the same reason?

GUIYNAN: I don’t think any FC’s are really hated mate, and everyone of our FC’s bring a different flavor to the plate. Some like fighting in small ships, some like to plex, and some like myself just like to throw 20-50 man fleets in shiney ships into a fire and hope for the best. Sometimes it goes well, which is when I get respect I suppose.

Mira deVorsha: In all honesty, CalMil is getting it’s ass kicked. What are the Gallente doing that is working so much better?

GUIYNAN: I don’t think [CalMil] is doing anything wrong as such. It’s a hard question to answer because I don’t know what we are doing right.

Mira deVorsha: Thank you for your honest answer. Were you around for the Okkamon siege? If not, what was the general consensus of the Gallente over the fights?

GUIYNAN: Yes I was there on the last night of the siege. The guys here will come together really well for system pushes. As I said I get in trouble for not really participating in fleets like that. I like forming up for large 20+ vs 20+ fights. I’m not much of a plexer FC.


PERUNGA - Gallente FC and CEO of C.Q.B.
PERUNGA – Gallente FC and CEO of C.Q.B.

Recently the Gallente assaulted the system of Okkamon, home of , who are former members of the alliance. Caldari militia moved into Okkamon to support who were defending the system. The system was lost just after downtime Friday, July 25th. Mira deVorsha invited ‘PERUNGA’, one of the most active Gallente FC’s, to an interview about the system siege.


Mira deVorsha: PERUNGA, recently you FC’d most of the Okkamon siege, how did it compare to other sieges?

PERUNGA: It was a hard siege, due to the prior deployment out in Minmatar space, and going right into a CalMil stronghold siege. It was tough.

Mira deVorsha: PERUNGA & GUIYNAN, Did CalMil do anything different on this siege compared to what you normally expect? How did you handle it?

PERUNGA: Indeed. As a FC you obviously get to know your opponents doctrines, specific FC tactics, ect. As the siege progressed so did CalMil’s resolve to adapt their fleet doctrines and tactics. There were some use of shield Ishtar and Scimitar fleets, which are new for the squids. It seems to at least point to a step in the right direction as far as higher tier pvp is concerned.

GUIYNAN: CalMil, I just want to see you out in numbers so we can fight over and over again. It would be nice to see you guys kill us occasionally as well. As PERUNGA said, it was nice to see the better ships coming out.

Mira deVorsha: Okkamon brought out new Caldari doctrines that weren’t used in recent fights like Innia or Kehjari. Why do you think it happened now, and did it help?

PERUNGA: The main reason, in my opinion, why CalMil was using higher tier doctrines and fleet compositions was due to a new alliance joining the militia from a breakaway group containing 3 corporations, formerly in the Nulli Secunda alliance. Did this help? No. As most Gallente Militia pilots are seasoned plex fighters and understood it was a war of attrition. After 2-3 days of losing Huginns and Ishtars, pilots will stop undocking them.

GUIYNAN: Mira deVorsha, this makes me sound so lame as a GalMil FC, but I just want to see CalMil flying in numbers. I don’t care what ship type as long as it’s an effective fleet and not kitchen sink. There’s no fun blapping shit that has no chance, I like the fights that are on a knife’s edge.

Mira deVorsha: PERUNGA, were you part of the planning behind the attack on Okkamon from the beginning? If not, at what point did you notice the engagements there and decide to start pushing it yourself?

PERUNGA: Yes indeed I was part of the leadership in GalMil that decided to push Okkamon. I wasn’t the main protagonist by any means, but my views, opinions, tactics, and skills were considered in the very outset of the deployment.

Mira deVorsha: PERUNGA, you have not always been a well known FC, what made you step up?

PERUNGA: I enjoy FCing, not the rage, not the constant micro-managing of pilots, or answering noob questions. But when your target calling in a large fleet fight, perhaps a Cap escalation, from my point of view, nothing is better in game then that. It’s what I enjoy and at the same time, I’ve always been able to create content that other pilots within New Eden find to their liking. Hence it was and has always been a natural progression to improve both as a player/pilot, and also as a FC/CEO.


Mira deVorsha points out that PERUNGA stating he doesn’t like the rage seems a bit off, as this youtube video shows a “disagreement” with one of his fellow CEO’s.



Mira deVorsha: GUIYNAN, what is your most memorable fight you have had since joining Faction Warfare?

PERUNGA: Making Viktor Hark quit Caldari Militia! That should rank high IMO!

GUIYNAN: I will say this much, my favorite fleets are always the ones you should not win and murder everything; like 20 [Sniggwaffe] Caracals, 4 Belicose, and 6 Scythes against 15 Assault Frigates, 4 Scythes, and 2 Kitsunes.

Mira deVorsha: PERUNGA, same question to you?

PERUNGA: Oh easy. Best fight I’ve had with squids was the escalation fight in Heydieles against , , , , ect. I mean being in an escalation fight 30 minutes before downtime, having less than 3 minutes to kill a Vindicator that was receiving triage reps, you could hear the excitement on comms, not to mention calling targets right up until the server went down. That was some of my best work on grid and again that pre-downtime fight lead to the post downtime escalation fight that lasted a good 2-3 hours. By far one of my most impressive days FCing.

{This Youtube recording shows the pre-downtime fight discussed by PERUNGA}

{Here is the post-downtime fight discussed by PERUNGA}


Mira deVorsha: Is there anything either of you would like to add personally?

GUIYNAN: The only thing I want to add mate, please, please, please Calmil, bring us some decent fights!

PERUNGA: Yes, as always I would like to say +1 to the CalMil FC for rallying the troops and bringing good fights. Of course local smack is just that, local smack. This was a hard fought victory that the squids made us earn. Shoutout to Ribor, had some good fights going up against his blaster Moa composition. Also a big thanks to the logistical team of both , , and .

Mira deVorsha: Thank you both for taking the time to talk with me, Fly Safe.

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Subsparx has been playing EVE for 10 years now, dabbling in many things but avoiding Null-Sec. He spends most of his time supplying militia with various services, from information and news articles to a public TeamSpeak and Forum, which sadly results in undocking less often than he would like.

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  1. Thanatos Marathon

    Neat. Thanks for the fights in Okka.

    – Than

  2. Mira and Perunga having a civilized conversation… whaat daaaaa fuqqqq???

    oh wait nvm Mira put the troll video of Perguna raging lolol

    • i do not dislike PERUNGA as a person just as Enemy FC, But with out him and other FCs like him Factional Warfare would be boring as Nullsec 🙂

  3. Thank you Thanatos. Was very interesting to interview them both but also was very enjoyable –

  4. It looks like the links are messed up?

  5. hehe low blow posting the rage comms… shows galmil has drama too, though, its not just limited to the squids.

    anyway, gotta agree with Perunga, that Heyd fight was one of the best ive been in. Definitely sticks out as a fight ill always remember.

  6. I think a synapses of what went on in okkamon might have been better coverage of okkamon rather than an interview, but better than nothing I suppose. 😀

    • Problem is super chair nobody was there for it all to give a proper account of the siege but i still wanted to post something about it.

      • From the Caldari perspective, I could have written something up, but more from a strategic and logistical side than actual battles. However, like mentioned on another article, I’m trying not to make this a Caldari and Amarr centric site (another shameless plug for 2x Minmatar and 1x Gallente writers)

  7. subsparkx like always congrats man. eve’s just a game, i am glad to see other ppl feal like i do and are able to be civil when the game’s off.

  8. We all love the ‘Runga rage XD

  9. Still amazing that nothing has been written about the total steamroll of Kinakka And Pavanakka both soon to be lost to calmil, but hey one day someone might be contacted about anything the galmil does 😉 still no post about Okkamon other than an interview 😛 ah the joys of a site run by the squids 😀

    • Kinakka / Pav Only Finished last night, at least give someone the time / Chance to log on get the information and get to work, Not every system can have a article about it

    • Ive said it before, but just to reiterate, Subsparx isnt the one to blame for a lack of GalMil content. I personally had nothing to do with Kinakka and Pav so i cant write about it. If, however, you yourself have something interesting to say about those fights please get in touch with me in game or here on the site and Id be very happy to do an interview or help publish your BR.

      But again, dont blame the squids, Its my fault more than his.

  10. Having flown under many Galmil FCs in the last 6 months I reckon I can tell you what Guinan and Perunga are both doing right. They’re sharing power. All the Galmil commanders have shown themselves capable of putting personal differences aside and working together (even the rage driven ones <3) From the description of the constant civil wars on an older thread here, it sounds like Calmil need to stop trying to build alliances and relax: let each corp do their own thing. You guys clearly have the tactics and the quality FCs. You just need to stop fighting each other and start fighting us. Have you actually got active intercorp diplomats, or is it all about who is boss over there?

  11. Not that Galmil isn’t without drama. But they are capable of putting it aside to achieve larger objectives.

  12. 20 [Sniggwaffe] Caracals, 4 Belicose, and 6 Scythes, They very much did not win this fight

  13. 20 [Sniggwaffe] Caracals, 4 Belicose, and 6 Scythes, GalMil did not with this fight

  14. Still loving the fact there is no story on calmil losing system after system, and as of today for all of you who still bother with this delayed/biased news site Galmil finished taking all the warzone today, not that it was very hard most of calmil living in high sec and not really caring about the warzone, Enermy Spotted a prime example of useless Calmil Alliances, Props to Templis who tried to fight for Pav and Kinakka but had no EU TZ cover, as for the other systems….well it was a walk in the park for all Galmil involved just alot of Man hours and coming up with entertainment spinning buttons 😛 props to Thanato’s who organised the original Chat between galmil alliances/corps on taking the war zone and props to CQB, BNANA, JUSTK, DnD, Bohica and the many other corps/alliances that moved ships, put FC’s in place and encouraged their members to get in on the fleet’s even though it was mostly boring 😉

    • Would you like to write a story on it? Submit it to Your complaints about the site being “biased” are pointless when the only reason it’s biased is because nobody from your side wants to write for us.

    • Thanatos Marathon

      I would guess there isn’t a story because they don’t have a writer to write one who has the time and/or doesn’t know who to talk to get the information they want for it.

      – Than

    • Well i love how you seem to know EVERYTHING, Enemy Spotted did nothing. We Defended Okkamon with HECON & BLOC – We joined Templis in Kinaka We Supported HECON again with Asakia After that Most the Caldari groups decided to pull back and not fight you for the systems we followed them in doing so. Useless Caldari alliance .. Enemy spotted is the Second top alliance in Caldari (onkills) for a 2 month old alliance that isn’t bad what so ever also i do believe we are the most active alliance also. – Enemy spotted supports its allies in every way possible.

      Next time you want to sit around and bitch about a specific group, Id grow the balls first to put your name on it then worry about being able to post accusing people of being ” useless ”

      Thanatos, You are correct sir, Most gallente wont talk to a Caldari writer due to believe their words would be twisted, There is not many Caldari who would even know who to talk to i would not of thought, But if you think of anyone please do let Subsparx know, I would love to read some posts from the Gallente side.

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