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The question of “why” has always intrigued me more than “what” or “how”.  While “what” and “how” demonstrate a repeatable process, “why” reveals someone’s intentions and motivations.  And let’s be honest, long after a person’s “how” has been exhausted, their “why” keeps them fighting for a cause.  In the article below, Scylus Black explains why he fights for the Caldari Militia.

Why I fight for the State!

I chose Caldari as the culture appealed to my personality. As a fan for the Battlestar Galactica reboot it was a fit. Choosing to join Faction Warfare (FW) was a no brainer. I love competition. I have been a diehard FPS player for years. Lots of competition and lots of PVP. I know a lot has been said about the game mechanic not being effective or even broken. To entertain that takes the focus away from the great things that FW provides. It’s not about winning the Great War. Faction Warfare is a medium for PVP and is about the small wins. Developing your team to improve in skill set and winning the battles that were unobtainable months ago is where it’s at. I love this. Competing against stand up Gallente corporations like Justified Chaos and QCats keeps us ahead of the curve. Flying small gang and shipping up into Cruiser or higher demands improved skills and challenges our pilots. Especially the new ones who struggle with the ISK investment. FW is not lucrative out of the gate however with the right corporation support you can develop these pilots until they are self sufficient and become your Ace Pilots. Then you win the map. One plex at a time.

Fly dangerous!

Scylus Black
Executor Templis Dragonaors Alliance

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