White Lotus Alliance Press Release

Diplomat of the former White Lotus alliance Ma Zhiqiang provided the following press release.

In order to understand why White Lotus closed, one must know its history.

Back when alliances were about to be allowed to join the militias, there were talks amongst the role playing corporations to meet under one alliance together. I’m not entirely sure exactly what happened, but somehow two alliances were formed – Defiants Legacy [DFNTS] and White Lotus [WL].

Huang Yinglong, Teraa Mar and Abandoned Land were the pulling forces in White Lotus. Shortly after the alliance was formed, the activity of Teraa Mataar and Abandoned Land died out. At that time I got on a hiatus from pod life.

When I came back about a year later, in the late of 2012, there were only dying embers of activity amongst the alliance’s capsuleer pilots. I found Huvilma [a constellation including the warzone systems of Lulm, Bosboger, and Gulmorogod] was pretty much abandoned by most of the militia and decided to focus my efforts in that area.

It was in that process I came around to know Agharaster and Hoplite Brigade. They shortly joined White Lotus. Also Parasitic Jaegers was impressed by the work we did and wanted to be a part of it.

We also came across Meltdown who based themselves out of Lulm. I was in talks with them to have them join White Lotus, but they wanted to be on their own. Them being in a total different time zone than us made it hard to work together, but we did when the occasion presented itself. Having them in Lulm helped a lot in defending it when we couldn’t.

Moving closer to the Lulm offensive, when it was lost for the first time during the time I’ve been conscious about it, the alliance’s activity had centered around Hoplite Brigade. I myself had joined them after leaving Huang Yinglong due to the inactivity of most of its members.

See also:
When you compare the numbers from 2013 and 2014 you see the slow decline of HUANG activity was already in progress when WINMATAR was still in Minmatar militia: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99001855/top/%29/year/2013/month/1/ https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99001855/top/year/2014/month/1/

Global Isk Network [I.NET] who joined in November 2013 had never really been a part of the alliance more than on paper. They joined much to Agharaster and Lorenso having similar history and background.

When defending Lulm during that offensive, we had at least 3 groups pushing – Winmatar [WMTR], Shirak Skunworks [SWKS], and The North is Coming [THEN]. On our side we had about 12 active pilots plus a handful of other capsuleers from Late Night Alliance [GHEY] and Defiants Legacy [DFNTS]. Instead of taking pointless fights we had no chance of winning, we started focusing on Amarr systems that were already highly contested. At that point Amarr owned all but 2 systems in the war zone – Lulm and Huola.

But we knew that once Lulm had flipped, it wouldn’t take long before we got it back. I think it took 10 days, and Lulm was Minmatar again.

We never moved our assets out of Lulm since we knew we would be back there. We had gained some new members and had already been talking about leaving White Lotus alliance and focus on the Hoplite Brigade corporation. To summarise this – White Lotus closing had nothing to do with lo Lulm. It’s more a result of how we chose to organise people. The alliance got its reputation from the legendary warriors of Huang Yinglong which was later passed on to Hoplite Brigade. Its spirit will continue with the hoplites.

Please contact me for further comments if need be.

Ma Zhiqiang,
founder of Huang Yinglong
officer of Hoplite Brigade [and diplomat of the former White Lotus]

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