The Battle for Kehjari – Part 1

Last week saw one of the bloodiest campaigns in the history of recent Faction Warfare.

As the end of the week neared, the system of Kehjari, one of the Caldari Militia stronghold, home of one of its most preeminent alliance, the Bloc, saw the start of a relentless assault by the Gallente Militia.

On July 2, fresh from fending off a raid by a Pandemic Horde gang of Merlins with logistics, the Mjolnir Bloc saw the arrival of several of the big guns of the Gallente. Spaceship Bebop started the hostilities slowly but surely through several raids. The Bloc saw some costly losses Svipul(1).

As the afternoon loomed on July 3, Spaceship Bebop, with their corps Justified Chaos and Black Fox Marauders, saw the start of some semblance of a serious opposition from the Caldari. As the Bloc and fellow Caldari started to mobilize bigger guns in the form of this Brutix(2) and Thorax(3), still the Gallente managed to still hold their tightening grip on the system.

As Spaceship Bebop accrued kills after kills during the day, the Caldari still brought the fight to them. Several of them trying to use force multipliers to break the creeping domination of the Gallente: Blackbird (4) (5) (6)

The Bloc started the zerging the opposition. Hordes of Tristans were deployed, which would then be followed by hordes of whatever the Caldari could get their hands on. As the night started, the Caldari saw some hope in the assembling of a Thrasher fleet, with well-known Chichou Odori. Unfortunately those were quickly dashed as the fleet was annihilated by a Pandemic Horde fleet who came earlier in system to join the growing fun – Thrasher(7).

The Pandemic Horde fleet stayed and got their fun out of it, wiping several Caldari ships. Once they were done, the Gallente came back to resume their fiery work, exploding more and more Caldari ships.

The night ended with what the Gallente could only see as further confirmation of their dominance on the system. As an impressive Confessor fleet from The Congregation corp, members of the No Handlebars alliance, entered system. The fleet used a spider tanking strategy with several Confessors, and even a Dragoon, fitted with deadspace remote armor repairers. Unfortunately for them, they suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Spaceship Bebop, whose numbers started to include members of the Villore Accord and Rapid Withdrawal: Confessor(8) – Dragoon(9)

The start of this assault seemed promising for the Gallente Federation. Would the coming days see a resurgence of the Caldari State? Or would the Gallente further push the system toward vulnerability? Check back soon for the second part of this battle report!

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  1. Glorious fights. I think you misspelled Chichou Odori.

  2. More yellow Gallente journalism.

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