The Battle for Huola

Wednesday Oct. 14th – The Habitual Chaos Euro Squad Space-Brewery-Association emergency deployed into Kourmonen which was already 75% contested and prepared for the arrival of the holy Amarrian Fleet. The fighting on the frontline was extremely intense in this first hours, but the EU squad managed to slow down significantly the Minmatar Invasion. The Minnies probably didn’t realized at that point that their attempt to take Kourmonen was not a good idea since this woke an Amarrian lioness which would see the Minmatar pushed back over the next two days! Cynos went up and massive amount of resupplies were jumped in to establish a beachhead for Habitual Chaos and its allies.

[Editor’s Note: This article is a guest contribution from several Amarrian pilots who fought in the recent campaign to take Huola.]

Thursday Oct. 15th – The full might of Amarr deployed into Kourmonen to counter the Minmatar siege. This was an attempt to take advantage of the alliance “NEOS FLEET” which temporarily dropped Factional Warfare. It would be the beginning of an aggressive Amarrian defensive operation and zealous counterattack on one of the strongest Minmatar strongholds. Nicknamed “Fortress Huola,” the siege lasted 5 days and was the bloodiest conflict the war zone has seen in months.


Habitual Chaos EU Fleet Commander Ypsiloon gave the following statement for the European timezone operations:

“Once we saved Kourmonen it was absolutely clear that we have to get rid of the Minmatar presence in this cluster and therefore we went for Huola. We knew it would be an extremely intense battle in our timezone against Smile and Wave, the Russian Minmatar Alliance. And they really didn’t disappoint us, bringing in wave after wave to defend their system.  We got so many good fights out of the Minnies it was great fun. We got the order from our glorious leader Ody to hold our ground and managed to interrupt the Minmatar deplexing efforts significantly while still plexing the system slowly up.” –  Ypsiloon, CEO S-B-A

On Wednesday 21st Huola became vulnerable after a five day long engagement in a counter attack by the Amarr militia which included groups like Habitual Chaos, Local Is Primary, NEOS FLEET, Shirak SkunkWorks, and countless other Amarrian entities. The battle is summarized in the words of Dominati Knight, Habitual Chaos FC Mira DeVorsha who lead the final push that captured Huola, and the overwatch scout that was in Huola.

“The Minmatar have been constantly attacking Amarr pilots in system but to no avail as the Amarr have come out on top of a very high percentage of the engagements. Both sides saw heavy action, so much in fact that Huola became one of the most dangerous systems on zkillboard, with two members from Calibrated Chaos being in the top 10 pilots. The Minmatar, as well, lead many fleets in attempt to stop the constant battering assault. This was a war of attrition between our time zones, as much as we would offensively plex the system, the Minmatar AU time zone would deplex it back. However, on the 21st of October it was found out that their AU pilots did not hit Huola as they had previously. This lead to a massive scramble for pilots to quickly engage the system and force it to vulnerable status. At approximately 19:30 hours the system went red. The time for games were over, the I-hub will fall and the battle for Huola will near its end.” -Mira Devorsha and Dominati Knight, Habitual Chaos.

The day of the siege the Amarrian fleet reached 91 pilots, with only 127 total players in Huola. The advantage was heavily stacked in favor of the Amarrian Militia. Not wanting to risk getting forced off field or losing the vulnerability to a captured complex, Amarr Militia brought out a Cruiser/Battlecruiser Fleet with 10+ Guardians to take the hub quickly. There was little to no resistance on the I-hub as the Amarr Militia numbers were overwhelming. The result of the bash was a major victory for Amarrian forces capturing a major Minmatar stronghold and recapturing the nearest Lowsec entrance from the trade hub of Amarr.

“For a long time Huola has been a thorn in our side. Huola is the nearest system to Amarr (4 jumps through high sec) and serves as a gateway into the warzone for Amarrian Militia. Having been in Minmatar control for months this gateway was closed and Huola provided our enemies a strong platform from which to attack our systems. To finally have captured Huola, the Babylon of this warzone, is a great victory. Habitual Chaos has moved into Huola now to safeguard the gateway into the warzone and prevent it from ever falling again into Minmatar hands.” -Odysseus Olacar, Habitual Chaos CEO

The siege of Huola is one of many sieges that have occurred in recent months. Amarr Militia has rebounded after spending months in Tier 1, at their lowest point holding only six systems in the entire warzone. Minmatar complete domination of the war zone was nearly accomplished. Huola serves as an end of a chapter in the ongoing war in Amarr/Minmatar factional warfare. Amarr Militia forces now hold 25 systems, closing the gap to their enemies warzone control every week.

October has been a strange month within the Bleak Lands for all parties involved. With Huola lost and the Minmatar having to move to a new home, the Amarrians expected things to quiet down. Yet, this has not been the case as small Minmatar fleets harass the Amarr on gates around Huola and continually try to blockade the system to prevent the Amarr fleets from moving too many assets in.

Huola local has seen a consistent amount of banter back and forth for both sides. Amarr militia continue to post their trademark “No medal” slogan. The Minmatar, on the other hand, claim they didn’t want that system anyways. What’s next for the Amarr/Minmatar warzone? We believe nothing is over yet. Huola is taken – yet the fight for the warzone still rages on.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this post:

Mira DeVorsha
Dominati Knight
Odysseus Olacar

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  1. While the Minmatar lost this time i have to give them props. They just kept coming at us. Im enjoying this warzone greatly happy i moved over to Amarr from Caldari.

  2. It was a lot of fun, felt like the Minnies could never get their bearings tho and just kept bringing in ships to lemming close to the end. Have you noticed that every time we take a system they always say they didn’t want it lol.


  3. I quote a friend here: “how to recognize minmatar in a battle report”


  4. ))))))))))))))))))))))))


    1V1 ME IRL LOL

  5. Hail Amarr. Great war, awesome counterattack, many thanks to Ody, he is great FC!

  6. amarr finally got houla lol only been few years, I was there for burn houla 1 and 2 on minnies side, if it wasn’t for hoplite, T.R.I.A.D, WEAZL, shoring up all TZ it would have fell. was good fun and knowing that 2 people funded the amarr with about 60b each to burn houla, and it failed made my nether regions tingle

  7. Oh good ol Mira. What’s the plan now? Lead on fearless leader!

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