Minmatar Corporations

To have your corporation added to this page please submit information to the thread on the official EVE Forums. It will be updated here to reflect that thread.

Dhalion Industries [.DHI.]
Alliance Name: N/A
CEO: Halifax Cohagen
Recruiting Officers: Halifax Cohagen or send an ingame mail to DHI Recruitment [ML]
Recruitment Status: OPEN
Corporation Focus: Solo & small gang roaming, Gate & station camping, Faction Warfare, and Industry
In-Game Channel: .DHI. Public Channel
Additional Information: We’re looking for: Active players in both EU and US timezones. Willingness to learn and grow with the corporation. Acknowledgment that EVE Online is a game and having fun is a priority. Acknowledgment that there are “real people” behind every screen and to respect each person. Self sufficiency in terms of ISK Willingness to fly corporation doctrines. What we offer you: Very active and nurturing leadership. Daily fleets Availability to a stream of isk. Experienced FCs and members to learn from Communications (Teamspeak) Join the channel .DHI. Public Channel or send an in game mail to DHI Recruitment [ML] for more info.

The Ghosts of Deep Space [TGODS]
Alliance: Ghosts of Deep Space [GOD5]
CEO: Odd Vector
Recruiting officer: Morbid Harvest
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Faction: Minmatar
Focus: PVP
In-game public channel: TGODS
Additional info concerning recruitment (optional): Ghosts is a primarily US Timezone Minmatar FW Alliance/Corp. We are new pilot friendly and will show you the ropes. If you are a veteran you’re welcome to fly with us as well. Primarily small gang frigate-cruiser sized skirmishes.
LINKS: www.ghostsofdeepspace.com

Hoplite Brigade [HPLT]
Alliance: N/A
CEO: Indiius Lux
Recruiting officer: Agharaster
Recruitment: ACTIVE
In-game public channel: Hoplite Pub
Additional info concerning recruitment (optional): We are a chilled out corp of mature players who engage in FW for the Minmatar Rebublic with an extensive history in the Warzone. New Pilots welcome and we encourage you to play EVE the way you want whilst killing some Amarr along the way.
LINKS: http://hoplite.killmail.org/

Minmatar Brotherhood [-MB-.]
Alliance: Ushra’Khan [UNITY]
CEO: Polska Kielbasa
Recruiting officer: Polska Kielbasa
Recruitment: We are always looking for like minded Minmatar pilots to join our ranks.
Focus: PVP / PLEXING / FW MISSIONS. We do it all and then some…
In-game public channel: Minmatar Brotherhood
Additional info: For hardcore, don’t give a damn about no risk, maniacal, extremist, vigilante, revolutionary, patriotic, nationalistic, radical, rebellious, immortal Minmatar player…Only Minmatar need apply.
OUR WEBSITE – http://www.minmatar-brotherhood.com/

Murientor Tribe [MURIE]
Alliance: Defiant Legacy [DFNTS]
CEO: Onnen Mentar
Recruiting: Onnen Mentar, Markius TheShed, Kary Franks
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Focus: PVP
Channel: Santir-Bar
For more info visit our website at www.murientor.com
Our recruitment thread can be found here.

We have a strong anti-Ammatar RP background as well. See for instance our reaction to the Nefantar Tribal Council delegate.

T.R.I.A.D [..T..]
Alliance: Ushra’Khan [UNITY]
CEO: DeT Resprox
Recruiting: DeT Resprox
Recruitment: ACTIVE
Additional info: Visit ingame channel TRIAD AGENCY for agency access.

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