OpEd: Sorry Brave – A Response to Dantelion

That title sounds condescending towards Brave, but that’s not how I meant it. Basically, I just wanted to apologize for the way you’ve been introduced into the War Zone via my co-worker’s article. Also, I am hoping to clear up some issues that I have with that article as a whole. Oh, and I’ll attempt to do so with as little spin as possible.

[Editor’s Note: What follows is an opinion editorial piece from Gin Wuncler – a member of the Gallente Militia. The opinions expressed in this article are solely that of the author’s and do not necessarily represent the views of FactionWarfare.com’s editorial staff.]

For those of you worried that FW may be a boring grind or otherwise not fitted to your style of gameplay, I would provide some reassurance. You’ll have the opportunity to fly solo, in large fleets and do small gang work sometimes within the span of a few hours. For a PvP-based alliance, I can’t imagine a more perfect scenario. New skirmish FCs will arise from your ranks, and they’ll gain confidence and know-how over time. The wealth of content here does not have much to do with the size of the ships floating in space but their vast quantity and the quality of their pilots. Although I didn’t get a chance to visit Catch when you all were there, based on what I’ve read I would say the level of content should be similar but with less PL knocking in your front door. To quote Dantelion, “fun every hour is a reality.” So at least we agree on something.


We can rise up and prove all those who only saw us as the eternal losers wrong.”

I don’t really know where to start with this particular quote other than to say sorry for the cringe. Also, with even a thousand pilots, you would be a force to be reckoned with in FW, and I believe you all have doubled those numbers. Although on some level I think it would have been great to have those pilots fighting the pirates in Placid with us, I can’t help but relish the thought of finally having a fight where the odds are tilted against us (in FW at least). Regardless, I believe the next few months should prove to be fun for both sides as the pendulum begins to swing wildly for the first time in my Eve career.


“I did compare Brave with Operation Meatshield…”

Although tactically speaking there are a few remote parallels that can be drawn between OM and Brave, holding a system in FW and holding sov in Null-Sec are two completely different animals, especially pre-Fozziesov. I won’t pretend to be an expert on what it takes to defend a TCU vs a novice complex, but the battle reports speak for themselves. Suffice it to say that overall, our method of warfare is much more straightforward (and less SP intensive) but relies more heavily on individual piloting skill.


“Go forth my fellow Caldari, go forth and Plex!”

Out of all the articles and posts I’ve written or edited over the past year regarding Eve, this phrase single-handedly encapsulates all of the worst, risk-averse, blue-balling attitudes I’ve come across. From the CFC (or whatever) to Calmil, this tactic is used across New Eden, but the only use for it in lowsec is to hemorrhage members who go looking for a respite from the grind of orbiting structures and shooting various red shapes. Of course you will plex. It’s a great way to earn ISK through Loyalty Points, but that’s not what we are about in lowsec. As you may have already noticed, we are here to fight. We want it to be constant, fierce and exciting. We live for a battle that hangs on a knife’s edge where only your wits or skill can save you. So yes, by all means plex, but as I said before your numbers alone make you a force in these fights, so plex with the intent of drawing us out and into the brawls we all enjoy. Send us home with our shields or on them. In other words, go forth and fight.

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  1. You have evidently never seen me plex or plexed with me.

    If you really think we are all a bunch of stabbed tristans who are risk-averse and just plex and who will automatically run at the first sign of you sliding in, you are in for a surprise! If you bring a reasonable fleet (aka non-cancer), I WILL give you a fight. That’s how WE plex!

    The whole point of my article is that there is a difference between being courageous and being suicidal. It’s weird that this doesn’t go through when it comes to people playing a game like EVE.

    I hate blue-balling as much as the next guy, but I will not jump into a fight I know I will lose 90%-100% just because “I have balls!” or “I’m not afraid of anything”. That’s stupid and that’s what I don’t want the Caldari to do.
    But of course THAT would be bad for your side 🙂

    • As for the cringe and all that. You are more than free to not like it!

      So yeah, Go Forth and Plex, my fellow Caldari!

      • Exactly my fellow Cadari PILOT, Is it brave to take ship and go to fight where you have 0% chance to win just for sake of getting PvP?

        • I mean, I understand why they would want that.

          More people blindly charging into their ranks, more people trying to siege their fortress systems, THAT would clearly benefit them. A clever Caldari would be their doom!

          I just wish they had the honesty to see that and not think we are stupid enough to be taunted that easily.

          • Thats is general issue with OM CEOs and pilots. They have huge egos, not seeing errors and mistakes they do.

          • As long as you cockroaches see defeat around every corner… As long as you maggots feel they only way to win is not to fight… As long as you losers refuse to get good… So you prove time and time again you will never have what it takes to be anything but worthless, scared, and absolutely garbage in every Eve metric.

            Go forth and be shit for the rest of your Eve careers.

          • “Hey guys, if I honor bait them they will totally fall for it!!”

            You are trying too hard, Jetstream.

            Oh better, we will all consult you when we need to know how to run Caldari! LOL!

          • Will, its not an honor bait, per se, it is an assessment of everything you do wrong. Y’all have the numbers, sp, and commitment to truly be a fearsome opponent but you squander it.

            I could single handily turn Cal Mil into a hardcore fighting force, and I am shit at leading. You are all that bad… but of course I actually could not. That is because you are the most stubborn, lazy, and whiny group of nerds I have ever fought against.

      • Oh finally, believe it or not, but the few Brave Newbies I have seen appreciated the article!

        So your excuses are really not needed now, you can give it to them when you guys meet on the battlefield!

    • That’s not what I was saying. If you can’t push systems and get fights with better odds with 2000 more pilots, I don’t know what to tell you.

      • C’mon Gin … a cursory glance at the actual figures of active pilots in the PvP alliances on each side shows that ‘2000 more pilots’ is complete fantasy. When you look at zkill for active pilots there is a difference of 220 between the 2 factions and when you discount the NPC corp and all the guys who show as active because they have lost a bomber doing missions the numbers are slightly in favour of the Gallente Militia.

        tl;dr the numbers at the moment are pretty finely balanced. We have rough numerical and quality equality between the militias in any sub-HAC doctrine but GalMil have superiority above that level.

        • 2000 more Brave pilots* is what I should have said apparently.

          • Ah. Makes sense now. 🙂

            Yes, 2000 extra pilots would do that . However, we have to be realistic about what we can expect. BNI has under 300 PvP active pilots and the cohort that are interested in actively PvPing are, by and large, not the hard-core day in, day out PvPers that make much of the decisive running in the warzone. The most active PvPer in BNI has considerably less kills than the 10th most active player in either BLOC, Bebop, HECON or GMVA and half of their top 10 list average 2 or fewer kills each day. So we need to adjust the numbers to take account of activity to see how many effective equivalents they will bring. And that’s before adjusting for SP and competence …

      • Dude. C’mon, Op Agoze by Sunday was made by a standings-grinding corp. BNI members, yes, but not the whole BNI. Maybe 5%?

  2. Holy Jesus. This article is as bad as Dandellion. It makes both sides look like a bunch of children with special needs.

  3. So what’s I’m reading is that Gals want Caldari to take uneven fights and fail all so they can be praised for taking the fight and losing….

    Nope, spin that propaganda on someone else please.

    • Yup. That’s exactly it. You managed to boil my article down to a sentence. Our militia is totally infallible and there’s no way in hell you can beat us, even with 2000 new members. Plex warfare isn’t a numbers game and MOA is the best alliance in the game. You sir, are a genius.

  4. funny to see you scolding your own alt like this Gin… and a bit creepy

  5. Hey guys, Brave FC here.

    Super pumped about joining FW and not offended in the slightest by anything written here.

    Cya in space, fly dangerous, 7o

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