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Quality content, regardless the medium, should be celebrated.  Too often, hard work is overlooked for no other reason than the information overload that the internet provides.  That’s where FW’s Video Spotlight comes in.  Every Thursday, we’ll post a “video of the week” that was produced by the intrepid capsuleers plowing the space lanes of New Eden.  See an awesome propaganda video?  A crazy recap of fleet action?  A tutorial for those just breaking in to factional warfare?  Something else EVE-related?  Send it our way to

Today’s spotlight is a little unconventional, as it’s something that isn’t actually finished. One Man Crew is a new project that is trying to consolidate various solo PVP videos into not only a montage video, but a competition with various tiers of rewards and categories. Judges for the contest span from major null-sec alliances to pirate corporations, and the prize pool has grown from small rewards in the billion isk range to 10 billion isk for the grand prize, 3 billion isk and pirate battleships for winning various categories and more. So far it’s ramping up to be an amazing collaboration and is still rapidly gaining steam, which is why I’m featuring it here. Many of the videos submitted are already available to view and are quite impressive on their own. If you like solo PVP and want to participate in this contest, you have until February 20th to submit videos for judging.

UPDATE 01/24/2014 22:00 – In addition to the rewards being given out already for this video, there is an additional set of rewards specifically for Gallente pilots. This has been sponsored by Za’afiel, Baron’ Soontir Fel, Liam Inkuras, Buhhdust Princess and Deen Wispa at this time. Check out the link here for more details if you want to participate in this part of the competition: [UPDATE!] The Federation Award – One Man Crew additional ~2,5b ISK prize for Gal Mil pilot

Below is a link to the forum thread as well as the introduction video and first two update videos of the current progress.

[Video Project] One Man Crew – Collective Solo PvP

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  1. Can’t wait for the video that will be the result of this project. Awesome idea. Thanks for putting the info here.

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