On Huola’s Doorstep: Roushzar Liberated

At 03:02 EVE Time, Roushzar, a system in the Devoid region, was liberated by 24th Imperial Crusade forces. On the face of it, the system seems a blip on the radar. DOTLAN shows that while some fighting did occur in the last few hours before the system flipped, it was nothing like the conflagration that has characterized Huola. In most respects, the system seems rather insignificant, except in one important aspect: The system is one jump away from Huola itself.

A number of Amarrian pilots recognized the strategic value of Roushzar early in the Burn Huola campaign. Credited by many for ninja plexing Roushzar at least to the mid-70 percent range, these pilots included–but are not necessarily limited to–Christine Peeveepeeski of The Amarrian Commandos’s Imperial Fedaykin [TMFED], Thorin Matarielle of Shirak Skunkworks [SWKS], and Bienator II of madmen of the skies [YMAD]. FactionWarfare.com reached out to Bienator II to obtain his thoughts on the liberation of Roushzar, and the wider Burn Huola campaign.

With the Huola campaign ebbing and flowing–both sides reluctant to engage superior numbers–the fighting peaks and has its lulls. For Bienator II and his fellow pilots, these lulls were the perfect time to plex in Roushzar, “We just plexed Roushzar whenever there was nothing to do in Huola.” On the strategic value of capturing the system, Bienator II stated,
“Many of our squadron didn’t dock in the last week so having stations where we can repair the ships is a nice addition, especially attack battlecruisers since repping those guns with paste is very inefficient.” For the future of the campaign, Bienator II is largely optimistic, “Next stop is Huola–let’s hope it doesn’t fall too quickly. It’s like EVE in arcade mode, we all had a lot of fun so far.”

With the aforementioned pilots plexing the system up to the mid-70 percent range, pilots in Amarrian Vengeance [AVNG] and WINMATAR. [WMTR] were impressed with the effort and decided to divert their full attention to Roushzar. Over an 18-hour period spanning most of July 17 and including the early hours of July 18, Amarrian pilots ground out the plexes, braving Minmatar resistance. Interestingly, that resistance was very light during the actual I-HUB bash. Led by WINMATAR. Biohazard [-BIO-] Dog0fWarr, the WINMATAR. fleet deployed Vexor Navy Issues and Ishtars, which supplemented additional militia forces that included attack battlecruisers and stealth bombers. I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth [J4LP] provided coverage in the plexes as the bash went on, utilizing Federation Navy and Police Pursuit Comets with logistics frigates to hold the plexes against token Minmatar resistance. Indeed, the resistance was so light, that a mystery 24th Imperial Crusade pilot jumped an Archon in for the bash, safely extracting after the system had been flipped.

The consequences of the fall of Roushzar have not been lost on Amarrian leadership. Templar Dane of Amarrian Vengeance [AVNG] stated, “Many of the groups that have been coming did not anchor a POS [in Huola] and were not willing to. Now they have a place to reship quickly.” Aslon Seridith, of WINMATAR. [WMTR] Biohazard [-BIO-], agreed with Templar Dane, though he noted that the success was one that required little to no effort on the part of Amarrians, “The Minmatar were forced to defend their system against our push to 60% [in Huola]. Our allies used that moment to raise Roushzar. Minmatar had to choose to either deplex Huola or deplex Roushzar. Obviously, Roushzar was given up and with little effort it was taken.” Aslon Seridith was optimistic as to the logistical opportunities Roushzar offers to the 24th Imperial Crusade pilots wishing to join in the bloodbath of Huola. He concluded with, “This is EVE’s summer war, which hundreds of pvpers are enjoying themselves with… showing EVE how much fun FW can be. Regardless of the war outcome: This has been a great time already for everyone involved.”

Although Minmatar sources could not be reached at the time this article was written, through the local smack talk and propaganda in the forums, many pilots of both sides are in agreement that Burn Huola has resulted in some of the best pvp to reach the Amarr-Minmatar warzone in years.

About Reginald Sakakibara

Reginald Sakakibara is a relatively new player to both EvE and faction warfare, formerly fighting for Her Majesty as a member of Heart of Pyerite [NO45] in Imperial Outlaws. He continues to call the warzone his home, living in Kamela as a member of Death by Design [URGRD] within Did he say Jump.

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  1. Great work mate! Indeed it was a ninjawork and i have to admit, the Burn Huola Campaign was just a deception our real target was Roushzar. Bienator’s plan worked out finally and he was able to drop his loot in a station within 1 jump. Also its much more easier to repair our damaged weapons on our “Alpha-Nados” what we using to eliminate the enemy boosters with the lead of our mighty leader, Predator Elite. ( According to Anslo at least. GJ pro intel is pro Anslo plzdontstopthx)



  2. A proud, strong Minmatar who don't need no slaver

    “Although Minmatar sources could not be reached at the time this article was written[…]”

    The only reason we are not available is because you a) never actually tried to reach us and b) you guys have been shitting up Huola local for 2 weeks now so most of our people have the whole Winmatar alliance blocked.

    • Reginald Sakakibara

      I assure you that I made an attempt to contact Minmatar leadership, giving ample time for response. I suppose, however, that you could assert that I failed to do so if I had been blocked by virtue of guilt by association reasoning. Regardless, I am more than open to producing balanced articles. Niluso is one such Minmatar pilot who actually contacted me, providing me information on the cruiser fight in Huola a couple weeks ago. Thus, if I may make a suggestion, if you would be so kind as to provide me a list on public relations contacts in-game so that I might possess some resources? Clearly, my methods of making requests fall on deaf ears, then I am accused of not making attempts to contact them. Even to the most studious and capable of journalists, that barrier is incredibly difficult to overcome. I am more than happy to provide Minmatar coverage, but I cannot do so if the Minmatar remain reluctant to give me information.

    • If you have people blocked how do you expect them to actually reach you, give you a rl phone call? Nomad pls, if you want the minnie side to be covered better unblock or attempt to contact Mr.Sakakibara. Also, this site was conceived as an info-web not a propaganda-web, just saying cos u sounded like u are making an accusation against one of the prominent writer here.

      Also, you need a slaver, to enlighten you and what-not. peace bro o7.

  3. So , now want us to believe that huola was just a diversion … seriously ?

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