New Kids form a Bloc: Cruis3r’s Cr3w

Apparently, it’s impossible to discuss Cruis3r’s Cr3w without discussing Overload Everything. Maybe it’s because CC moved into OE’s old home in Ostingele. Maybe it’s because they both started off as an amalgamation of pirate groups in the Gal/Cal WZ. Maybe it’s the fact that neither group was/is afraid to drop caps and wanted to take the fight to the reigning lowsec powers. Whatever the reason, the groups seem intrinsically tied together in the minds of those familiar with the area. Unlike OE, however, CC often has the support of a few of the surrounding factions and seems willing to work with those around them to support their end goal while maintaining their independence. That may make all the difference in the world.

I interviewed the Director of Heretic Army and one of CC’s lead FCs, MirrorGod to talk about the group’s rapid ascent and their eventual goals:

Ok so my first question is just who are Cruis3r’s Cr3w and how did you guys get started?

CC is an NPSI community with whom my corp became frenemies while living in the Amamake/Kamela area back in January. In any case, we made the decision to begin flying with CC full time in early June. [Death By Design] leadership wanted some time to put RL (real life) first, and our members wanted to be right on the front lines, so we moved a short nine jumps to Ostingele. Shortly thereafter, things began to snowball quickly, and our informal alliance with CC turned into founding an alliance by the same name.

Where does most of CC’s player base come from? Former DBD, other pirate gangs etc.?

No one place at large. We’re really a collective of people who seem to resent the consolidated and established powers and are competent enough to be among their ranks but unwilling to “kiss the ring.” We’re certainly a new player friendly group, if the right attitude is present. I’ve counted more than a couple promising FCs within our ranks.

Are you guys really trying to be the next Overload Everything or was that a Reddit shitpost?

I’d say the Overload Everything schitck is just that. Our leadership realizes that shitposters are going to shitpost, so we pretty much just roll with whatever amuses us.

Yeah I figured. What are some of CC’s goals for the future?

Our goals coincide with our membership’s aspirations; to find good fights in low-sec without compromising our identities. We’re not really concerned with building an empire, but we love to make the established entities sweat and gaining a more level foothold is obviously what we’re up to

People generally think of NPSI groups as highsec guys who like to dip their toes in the dangerous areas of EVE every once in a while. I assume this isn’t true for you all, but what makes your group different?

I’m actually rather upset with myself that I didn’t check into the NPSI communities earlier. I’ve been traditional in that sense. CC is distinct in that they live in low-sec and they act like pirates — they want armor brawlers vs. armor brawlers and to put it on the line to get the blood pumping. There’s no high-sec rally points or related nonsense.

What do you think of Snuff moving cap ships into your corner of the WZ? Are you happy with the response you’ve gotten from the larger entities thus far?

We welcome Snuff to come and provide content. We’ve surprised them (and ourselves) more than once now. We have means to gain leverage, and we’re not interested in owning ships that collect dust.

It’s good to have so many different parties in the area because it’s quite hard to go for a roam without finding a nice brawl. The response from larger entities has been awkward & interesting; both sides seem to be testing the waters. By and large, it’s much more dynamic than I’m used to, and that’s what’s really got me excited about EVE like I haven’t been in over a year.

Quick follow-up then: Do you expect this skirmishing in Placid to escalate or has it gone as far as it’s going to go?

It seems to me that due to Phoebe, Black Rise is becoming more and more appealing all manner of combat-oriented alliances. I expect we’ll see it continue to boil on for a while.

What are you looking for as far as recruitment? (SP, skills, etc.) Are you guys recruiting?

Heretic Army has always been seeking 30m SP as a baseline. It’s generally about there that a character will have both the core skills & ability to fly most doctrine ships. While some corps in our alliance recruit lower SP, the general consensus is that if you 1) Have a decent attitude 2) Are willing to learn then we can turn any newbro with a 1600mm plate into a well-informed pirate rapidly.

Why would you encourage people to join CC?

CC is the perfect alliance for anyone who wants to brawl within an hour window of having logged in. We’re non-bitter veterans welcoming other veterans and newbros alike. To the veterans we offer an alternative to established Black Rise alliances who scare off everything with their bloat. We have double the targets because we have the fewest blues. To the newbros, we offer an opportunity to be a part of real change without the need to over commit.


So there you have it. Based on the Battle Reports coming out of their region and having fought both with and against them, I’d say they’re doing a fairly good job obtaining the content they’re looking for. I’ve been surprised at their tenacity, especially when they (with Brave third-partying) fought a Galmil Absolution fleet in Aunsou. They’ve already taken part in some major engagements against Snuff and SC in the brewing POS war, and I’ve personally seen them take fights against the odds with their brawly BS/Triage doctrine. As a Northern Galmil member, I can’t help but admire their desire to fight against the powers that be and hope we end up on the same side of the battle more often than not, but that’s just my personal bias coming into play.

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