Minmatar/Amarr Micro Update – We Are Home Again

Celebration and libation is the atmosphere of the Republic this week, because within 35 hours of the Liberation of Sahtogas, Minmatar forces scoured the warzone and brought every single system under their control. The march began in Sahtogas, and roll through the warzone until they hit Gebuladi.

It was a tight victory for sure, as the opposition did field a significant counter attack only minutes after the iHub was bashed.

The leader of that fleet, Jebi Vjetar did make and personal and heartfelt announcement and sacrificed a Typhoon to bring good luck in the coming days and weeks. The medal itself still eludes Republic forces, but considering that the turnover occurred during the weekend, and happened extremely rapidly, the process may take a while. Militia chat is filled with PVE mission fits, and general lollygagging, even as the Imperial forces that remained behind in Sahtogas work to reconquer the system.

Will the Minmatar be able to keep their heads and preserve the liberty of the warzone? Or will their lust for the now-abundant T5 LP let the Amarr have the last laugh before the medal is issued?

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I'm officially the oldest newb in EvE. Started playing in 2005, wasn't even done my trial when I lost my first ship in PvP. Still flying T1 frigates... "Goggle's Down, Cannon's Up!"

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  1. It is easy to take a warzone when everyone bails for the hills.

    We shall see how things change. Amarr just needs an FW FC to step up or for one to return from the past Maybe Ody? and then things will change for the better for the Amarr

    • We had a few good, active FC’s, and I believe that’s what drove this victory. While I have seen plenty of brave and valiant pilots come to challenge us; I haven’t seen the organization that it takes to repel even 10-15 person gangs.

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