Minmatar Proclaim Challenge: Auga As Next Battleground?

The Post-”Burn Huola” warzone has been largely inactive and crusaders would often complain that the only fights they received came from local pirate groups and other neutral entities rather than the Minmatar. Indeed, many Imperial pilots disparagingly referred to the Minmatar as “Farmatar,” “Runmatar,” and “Stabmatar.” And then the Gallente seized control of their warzone.

Despite the recent Caldari counter-attacks and Pasta Syndicate bolstering the beleaguered forces of the State, the Amarr-Minmatar warzone has been inundated with Gallente pilots seeking both PvP and LP. To call their presence “insignificant” would be a gross understatement as Amarrian forces find themselves stretched thin. Gallente plex farmers place a major strain on Amarrian pilots, who can barely keep up with the number of systems above the 90% contested mark.

On August 31st, DRAM Rammar of Loaded-Dice’s Blood Fountain Massacre successfully led a fleet to defend the system of Eszur – a Tribal Liberation Force mission hub and staging point against the Amarr fortress of Siseide. Hailed as a major victory at the time, although the Amarrian forces lost in terms of isk efficiency, crusaders were able to maintain control of the system and then proceed with defensive plexing efforts.

However, DRAM Rammar was unable to replicate his success later in the day when the Minmatar formed a major bash fleet to begin flipping vulnerable systems. He issued a call to arms but the Amarrians who responded were systematically defeated at Labapi, and then once again in Ezzara. By the time the hub bashing was over the total system loss was at four, leaving the Amarr with a struggle just to maintain Tier 2.

The Gallente pressure is real and it is in the midst of this Gallente incursion that the Minmatar have issued a challenge to the 24th Imperial Crusade.

Posted to the EVE Forums on August 28, 2014, Major Trant of Iron Oxide.’s CTRL-Q threw down the gauntlet with “Burn Auga.” He writes:

“Starting 6 days from now, at 1600 hrs Wednesday 3rd September, the Siege of Auga begins. We’ve waited long enough for good fights from the Amarr farmlitia, and since the gud fites have not been forthcoming… we will be coming to them.

The goal is pew. Many ships will be lost. Much fun will be had.

We come for your loot.

Remember Arzad!


At 2359 hrs Thursday 4th September a ‘Reality check’ will be carried out.

1. If the system is below 50% contested. The campaign will be deemed a success and Minmatar forces will withdraw.

2. If the system is above 75% contested. The campaign will be deemed a failure and we will change the goalposts to system contestation. The operation will be extended for a further 24 hours or until Auga is flipped, which ever comes first.

3. If the system is between 50% – 75% contested. The operation may be extended for a futher [sic] 24 hours, at the OPs discretion.

If the operation is extended for 24 hours, but fails to flip Auga in that time, fighting will cease at the latest by Friday 5th September, 2359 hrs.”

Whether this post is a joke remains to be seen. Amarrian responses to the thread indicate a general apathy towards the system. In response, Major Trant indicated the reasoning behind choosing Auga in a follow-up post:

“In selecting the target system, it was noted that only 3 Amarr systems in the warzone are being maintained at or close to stability. As I write this response the ‘strongest’ Amarr systems in terms of contestation rate, are:

Auga: Stable
Tannakan: Stable
Siseide: 8.7%
Sahtogas: 20.0%
Kamela: 29.8%
Saikamon: 32.7%
Rest: +40%

When discussing the target in the Iron Oxide directorship, Kamela was suggested. My response was: “Kamela is easy mode, it has fallen twice this year already. The Amarr simply won’t fight for it.”

Sisiede has the issue that we don’t own any of the surrounding systems with which we can base out of. Don’t bother pointing at Amamake.

So the choice, if we actually wanted a fight, boiled down to Tannakan or Auga. Of the two, Auga I’m quite convinced offers the best advantages to the Amarr, next door to Sisiede, 2 jumps from Egghelende with the added advantage of actually being convenient for us in Huola. If you people can’t accept that, tough, don’t bother debating it, the target is chosen now.

We have given the Amarr almost a week’s notice to prepare for it. The 32 hour time limit with a specific end time, is also designed to give the Amarr a chance, without negatively impacting Minmatar moral. Hitting 75% contested in 32 hours when the enemy is prepared is no mean feat. Worrying that ultimately we will grind you down with numbers over time is a non event. All the Amarr have to do is come strong in one time zone and skirmish in the others and the event will end with Auga still in Amarr hands. A real chance for the Amarr to rebuild on.

I do not subscribe to the Amarrian Vengeance type bullsh*t that was Burn Huola, where the attackers objective was to make things so unpleasant for the enemy that they choose not to log. That is not PvP or ‘content’. I want a viable enemy, long term, I want challenging PvP, not button orbiting, not forum circle jerking, while twisting the facts.

Now it is simply down to the Amarr. The target and conditions have been carefully chosen to give them a viable chance in saving the system. But we’re not giving it to them on a plate, they have to bring it.”

With Imperial forces stretched thin and Pasta Syndicate’s impact on the Caldari-Gallente warzone uncertain, “Burn Auga” continues to gain attention. At any rate, Major Trant’s words, if sincere, hold a great deal of truth to them. The Amarrians have received almost one week’s notice. Will the Empress’ chosen sally forth from their fortresses, or will yet another system fall to the Minmatar-Gallente onslaught?


Editors Note: The “Burn Auga” campaign has commenced, and the system is currently at 9.2% contested as of the time of posting.

About Reginald Sakakibara

Reginald Sakakibara is a relatively new player to both EvE and faction warfare, formerly fighting for Her Majesty as a member of Heart of Pyerite [NO45] in Imperial Outlaws. He continues to call the warzone his home, living in Kamela as a member of Death by Design [URGRD] within Did he say Jump.

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  1. Just a note on the Gallente involvement in the Amarr-Minmatar WZ. From my perspective (a grunts) this is in no way a coordinated assault upon Amarr systems, it seems some smaller Gal corps travelled down purely to LP farm. Of course, the net effect has been higher contestation levels seen across Amarr systems but there has also been some Purple v Purple engagements between aggressing Gal corps and the Minmatar. Standings have now been set appropriately.

  2. well, being a “pirate” or “neutral” coming from Gallente FW space, I was asking myself why my beloved Gallente FW systems ran so dry of targets lately. Bored and eager for more pew pew, I led my small corp down to Amarr space, staging in the Amarr/Minnie warzone. And all of a sudden I do not only find all the familar faces I missed from the times when I did Minnie FW. In addition to this, I find all the familar Gallente LP farmers I missed in Gallente space.
    Now, being a “neutral” PVPer I jump on anything that moves (or doesn’t move) anyway, regardless of militia, but since we moved to Amarr FW space I find myself fighting more Gallente FW pilots than Minnies and Amarr all together.
    Makes me wonder…
    Maybe it’s time for the Gallente/Caldari leadership to think about what FW really is. It is not all about owning systems and making ISK (dear farmers). It’s about CREATING CONTENT for a lot of players, and creating interesting content is in our all interest and responsibiity.
    Thanks to Major Trant and Iron Oxide for (at least trying to) creating content!
    I hope the Amarr will take the challange.
    We pirates go where the pew pew is, and killing LP farmers all day long is really boring…
    So bring it on, me say… YARRR \o/

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