Intro to Fleet Commands

The longer you play EVE, the more likely you are to be engaged in a fleet.  This is especially the case in Factional Warfare.  Geary has previously served as a fleet commander and doctrine creator for everything from small corps up to alliance blocs. Getting people into fleets, with a proper knowledge of their purpose and how they operate, is one of his major goals in EVE.  Intro to Fleet Commands was previously hosted on, and is the first entry in the Fleet 101 series.

“What does ‘burn to’ mean?”
“Which enemy should I be shooting?”
“How was I supposed to know I shouldn’t jump through the gate?”

We’ve all heard the questions asked, either out loud on comms or in private convos after a roam.  Most of us take the commands for granted.  We’ve executed them dozens, hundreds, or thousands of times.  We’ve issued the orders ourselves.  We get frustrated when people don’t follow them, or don’t know what to do.

Your friend from RL.  A person breaking into PvP for the first time, leaving his/her high sec missioning behind them.  A former carebear who has been ganked one too many times and is out for revenge.  How are they supposed to know what those orders mean…orders that pertain almost exclusively to fleet operations?

Below is a list of the most commonly used commands in a fleet.  It isn’t an exhaustive list.  I’m likely going to leave things out.  Feel free to point those out in the comments below, and I’ll make sure to update the post.  The list will include my personal interpretations on what each command means.  People might have alternate interpretations.  That’s fine, include your definitions in the comments.

  • Anchor On – Orbit  the designated person at 500 or 2500m.  Most commonly used to keep the entire fleet headed in the same general direction, especially with long-range fits.  i.e. “Anchor on Geary.”
  • Align To – Point your ship in the direction of an object in space.  Most commonly accomplished by using the “Align To” button on your overview.
  • Break – Stop talking on comms: the FC or a scout has something vital to say.  Alternatively, “Check check”, “Clear comms” or “Shut up, damnit.”
  • Burn To/Away – Activate your propulsion mod and approach/align to an object.  Most commonly used to position for a fight, get out of one, or get back into a system you just jumped from.  i.e. “Burn to planet 9”, “Burn back to the gate”, “Burn to that Vexor”, or “Burn away from the gate!”
  • Cancel Fleet Warp – You’re entering Warp because the FC/Wing Commander/Squad Commander warped you.  Cancel it.  Mash CTRL-Space.  Commonly used when targets start entering the grid after the warp command was given.
  • Gate Is Red – Don’t jump through the gate.  If you do, you will die.  See also “Warp to XXX and Hold.”
  • Get Point On – Activate a warp disruptor or warp scrambler on the target.  Used to hold the target on the field so it dies.  i.e. “Get point on X Gallentius.”  Common response is, “Point on XXX.”
  • Hold Cloak – Do not move after jumping into the next system.  You’re invulnerable during this time (even to things like bombs).  Often used to give the FC time to decide whether to fight or run during the precious seconds of cloaking invulnerability.
  • Jump on Contact – Jump through the gate when you come out of warp.  Alternatively, “Gate is green.”
  • Logi Cancel Warp – You’re entering Warp because the FC/Wing Commander/Squad Commander warped you.  Cancel it.  Mash CTRL-Space. Commonly used when the combat ships are heading to the grid first to meet the enemy and FC expecting ambush…you’ll warp again soon.
  • Logi Take Warp – You’re entering Warp because the FC/Wing/Squad Commander warped you.  Take it.  Your reps are about to be needed, or you are bailing off the field of battle.
  • Primary Is – Shoot this target.
  • Set Destination For – Set the linked system as your autopilot’s destination.  Commonly used to show the fleet where they are headed in advance of jumping through systems.  “Set destination for Onnamon.”
  • Secondary Is – Lock this target up, shoot it after the Primary is dead.
  • Sort Overview By – Click on the corresponding column in your overview.  Commonly used so you can more quickly find the Primary target in your list to lock.  Used when the FC is not broadcasting targets.  i.e. “Sort overview by Name,” or “Sort overview by Type.”
  • Spread Points – Find another nearby target that hasn’t already been pointed and activate a warp disruptor or warp scrambler on it.  Commonly used when the enemy is trying to bug out to hold as many ships as possible on field.  Common response is, “Point on XXX.”
  • Take Fleet Warp – You’re entering Warp because the FC/Wing Commander/Squad Commander warped you.  Do not cancel.
  • Tertiary/Third Is – Lock this target up.  It becomes Secondary when the Primary is dead.
  • Warp To XXX – Warp to the person, planet, or other object in space.
  • Warp to XXX at YYY – Similar to ‘Warp to XXX’, but at some range other than 0.  The FC might say “at your optimal”, which alludes to your gun’s optimal range.  The FC might say “at 20”, or some other defined kilometer distance.
  • Warp to XXX and Hold – Similar to ‘Warp to XXX’, but almost always used in reference to a gate, and that gate is not to be jumped through. i.e. Warp to Icho and Hold means “Warp to the Icho gate, but don’t you dare jump through the damn gate.”

For new people, I hope the above list helps you have a greater understanding about what is going on in a fleet engagement.  If you have additional questions about any of the commands, leave them in the comments below.  I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.


Fly dangerous.

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Geary has done a little bit of everything in EVE over the years. From fleet grunt to fleet commander, alliance member to alliance leader, he has been there and done that. Just don't ask him about that Machariel loss once upon a time...


  1. Should add:
    Cyno is up
    Bridge is up

    Pretty good list you have compiled so far.

  2. Though not a fleet command “Spike” or “Local Spike” might be worth adding as it is also a good one for the average dude to know in case they are the first one to pickup the change in local.

  3. Also, bubble up/down.

  4. Nice concise list, but a few additions off the top of my head…

    1. Weapons/Mods hot and/or primed
    2. Engage by range
    3. Warp to optimal
    4. Bail, bail, bail!
    5. Guns free
    6. Spam scan
    7. Bounce to X
    8. Go +1/-1

  5. “Remember to broadcast” not a fleet command per se, but always a good reminder for when you have logi.

  6. What could don’t jump mean…? Wait, JUMP, JUMP!!! WHEEEEE!!!!

  7. “www” warp to fleet member broadcasting this in fleet chat. Usually means they have pointed something and need additional dps to pop it.

    “Jump and hold” or “hold cloak” – don’t break gate cloak.

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