FW.com Poll: Should the Hyena get a 5m3 drone bay?

Should the Hyena get a 5m3 drone bay?

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Why? Given that the role of Electronic Attack Frigate is to provide support to a gang, the turret/bay slots are great for anti-drone or anti-tackle. A 5m3 Drone bay would also give the Hyena a chance at escape by a successful jam by a EC-300 or a little bit of mitigation with a TD-300. In the event your fleet is low on DPS maybe the extra 10 to 15 dps is always welcomed. The T1 variant of the Hyena has the drone bay, which begs the question why would the T2 not?

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  1. Hush drone lover, not every ships has to follow galente code of drone. NO

  2. Methinks the Kitsune (T2 ECM) is also missing a drone bay while the Griffin (T1 ECM) has one.

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