Farewell to a Comrade-in-Arms: Flyinghotpocket Announces Departure from EVE

Flyinghotpocket - CEO of Amarrian Vengeance
Flyinghotpocket – CEO of Amarrian Vengeance

Even as the battles rage on across New Eden, there are certain moments upon which all pilots can take a moment to find a measure of sorrow. One of those moments is when a well-known pilot decides to leave EVE. Even after all of the smack talk and propaganda built up over the years, the departure of a legendary ally to some and a hated enemy to others is nonetheless a historical occasion. On July 21, 2014, Flyinghotpocket of Team Amarrica’s Amarrian Vengeance [AVNG] revealed that he would be leaving EVE Online.

Flyinghotpocket is one of the most well-known, and perhaps even controversial, pilots in the Amarr militia. Diplomatically, his steadfast opposition to pilots aggressing militia with the threat of a declaration of war has alienated him from crusader entities that call pirates their friends. For years, he has called Sahtogas his home, once a fortress system but nowadays merely the base for Team Amarrica and Amarrian Vengeance. Many pilots find reason to dislike him, especially in the Gallente, Minmatar, and Caldari militias, though he has many detractors in the Amarr militia as well. Regardless, Flyinghotpocket has a long and distinguished track record fighting for the 24th Imperial Crusade. On the eve of his departure, FactionWarfare.com sat down and offered a final interview to the “infamous” Flyinghotpocket known throughout the militias as “FHP.”

Reginald Sakakibara: When did you join the Amarr militia? How long have you been in the militia?

FHP: I joined in 2010 somewhere, so like 4 years.


Reginald Sakakibara: What did you like best about Factional Warfare when you joined?

FHP: The healthy pvp attitude.


Reginald Sakakibara: Sahtogas is widely regarded as the home of Team Amarrica and the legendary Flyinghotpocket. What happened to build that reputation?

FHP: Stay dedicated, find the most loyal people and best pilots in EVE.


Reginald Sakakibara: On a related note, what time period was the best time to be in FW? Is there a particularly good fight you’re fond of?

FHP: 2011-2012, yeah there was a nice hour long battleship brawl we had on Kourmonen Huola gate between autoz [Autocannons Anonymous] ifw [Ice Fire Warriors] against House Theodolous and the people of pred’s [Predator Elite] corp [Death by Design]. Pred’s people got butchered. House Theo held the line and killed the Minmatar before their battleship reinforcements arrived.


Reginald Sakakibara: Additionally, you might say that Flyinghotpocket is rather infamous across all militias. What do you think caused this perception? Was it intentional?

FHP: I’m the top plexer in the entire Amarr militia, more dedicated than anybody for the Amarr Empire. And one of my best friends damar helped me greatly with plex mechanics.


Reginald Sakakibara: Why the decision to leave EVE entirely? Are there other aspects of EVE that you find interesting?

FHP: For 3 years CCP has failed to bring back the fights we love like battlecruiser and battleship brawls without logi. Logi has ruined this game–it’s everywhere.


Reginald Sakakibara: As a long-time member, were there changes that you disagreed with? Changes that made FW less enjoyable?

FHP: Tier 3 battlecruisers ruined this game. Links ruined this game. Alot of people think I’m shit without links but little do you know I was the best solo pvper in the coercer ever.


Reginald Sakakibara: Huola is the latest campaign in which you took part, are you optimistic about the outcome or do you think it’ll ultimately fail?

FHP: I fc’ed every night for a week and half, we had a blast killing them but we didn’t get the system and it sucks. This has nothing to do with me biomassing though, never had as much fun in Huola since pre-Inferno.


Reginald Sakakibara: You’ve participated in a lot of campaigns–the fall of Bosboger comes to mind. What was your favorite campaign while you were in FW?

FHP: The Vlill [Vlillirier] campaign was no doubt my favorite fighting Justified Chaos.


Reginald Sakakibara: What kind of changes would you have liked to see in FW? Is there anything that would prevent you from leaving?

FHP: Nothing is preventing me from leaving. We tried to get battlecruiser plexes back and CCP doesn’t give a shit.


Reginald Sakakibara: As one of the legendary veterans of the militia, do you have any advice to the newbros out there? Any advice to other bittervets?

FHP: NEWBROS just learn everything you can about this game. This game is 100% bittervet fc now, there are no noob fc’s. And bittervets harden the fuck up and lose a ship once in a while.


Reginald Sakakibara: Do you have any concluding thoughts?

FHP: My good friends check your contracts for stuff, check your hangers. You’ll be getting my stuff.

About Reginald Sakakibara

Reginald Sakakibara is a relatively new player to both EvE and faction warfare, formerly fighting for Her Majesty as a member of Heart of Pyerite [NO45] in Imperial Outlaws. He continues to call the warzone his home, living in Kamela as a member of Death by Design [URGRD] within Did he say Jump.

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  1. Me, templar, and sakkar have all left the game for the reasons of ccp not bringing back bc plex fights. ccp has been dead to us for a long time. and the huola was one last chance for epic pvp, and it was had, time for us to leave. A new leadership will take control of avng and team amarrica!

  2. You had a hell of a journey here mate and you have earned a lot of respect and hate during. That means you did something good. Its a great loss for the amarr militia and for those who call you friend. A damn good FC, a heavy plexer and an iconic member of the Amarr militia. GFGF Pocket it was an honour to fly with you mate. Take Care!

  3. http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/418/716/f8c.jpg at FHP and the rest who are crying about change 😀

    • yeah dude cuz frigates and destroyers are everybodys endgame. no thanks

      • I dont fly many frigs and dessys broski I like my Gnosis, Harbinger, Abaddon, Navy Apoc way to much for that, bt you gotta learn to adapt and go with the changes not to stagnate and just get worked up over shit you cant change, embrace logi, embrace the need to chaneyaplay style that or just go to null where BS battles and roams are still happening alot (if ya can stomac tidi)

        • YEAH NO, as stated we have waited 3 years for bc bs fights to come back in fw. and that it the only worth while place in eve. its gone, were out. we embraced the changes for 3 years and frigates and destroyers get old fast.

  4. Still waiting for my contract! Have fun fhp. Was fun flying against you.

  5. Mabego Tetrimon

    its how you loose – how you ll be remembered….bye bye tard

  6. Who is this random scrub?

    Who is this random person?

  7. Just joined Gallente FW and sad that I missed the chance to fly against you. You would have whooped my butt though, only 13m sp here.

  8. Woah. I just came back to EVE after several years and I find this. I flew with this guy out in Solitude back before he was in the Militia. We had some pretty awesome times in wormholes back in the day.

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