Faction Warfare Fitting Lab: The Shitfit Fridge

I really wanted to try and get my fast-tackle game right, and given my former life as a Drake wielding carebear, this fit seemed right up my snuggly alley.

The idea behind all of my shitfits ties into my idea of “Risk Tanking”; I want to be able to field this ship and train my own reflexes to exploit mistakes of other pilots without actually risking a lot of ISK in the long term.

The Hull:


Minmatar Frigate bonuses (per skill level):
5% bonus to Light Missile and Rocket rate of fire (3 hardpoints, that’s it)
7.5% bonus to Shield Booster amount (MASB juiced)

The Fit: (Linked here)

[Breacher, shitfit fridge – 0] Type-D Restrained Overdrive Injector
Damage Control I
Ballistic Control System I

5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster, Cap Booster 50
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

OE-5200 Rocket Launcher, Caldari Navy Inferno Rocket
OE-5200 Rocket Launcher, Caldari Navy Inferno Rocket
OE-5200 Rocket Launcher, Caldari Navy Inferno Rocket

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Small Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I
Hobgoblin I x2


Most importantly, price. Dying in this is inevitable, and so there’s no fear in flying it. These fitting lines are designed to practice PVP skills so that once your meat suit catches up to your SP, you can really rake in the kills with the more expensive versions.

Two drones, so you can practice that too. They are an awesome way to project damage when your mark is outside your range.


119/133 DPS – I don’t usually mess with damage types / holes, and with missiles you sort of have to.

CPU is really tight, and might be difficult for newer player to get into. The MASB is the heavy hitter in that regard, but training Weapons Upgrades V will pull a couple points of CPU from the missile slots, and CPU Management V will increase your pool by about 9 points. Could try swapping the Overdrive Injector for a Co-Processor, but you will lose some of the valuable speed needed to catch kiters.

Some might call the MWD+Scram combo a fail, but that’s covered below.

How To Fly:

I run plexes, and so that is where the battle happens for me. Doing this lets me choose who I engage, and that I dictate starting condition.

First, I carefully position myself about 7km behind the beacon. I do this by flying to the beacon, then past the beacon toward the warp in point. At about 9-10km, I approach the beacon, and then Ctrl+Space to stop my ship once I reach 75% max speed. I have my drones out already, to help kill the rats.


The instant the enemy warps in (assuming I have decided not to warp out) and I do the following sequence:

  • Engage the MWD
  • Approach the target
  • Target lock the target
  • Engage Rockets+Scram+Web.
    • Drones should “Engage Target” automatically, but I glace to make sure the text is red. If not red, then i’ll mess with them once I finish the sequence.
  • Orbit at default (500m)
  • Disengage the MWD

This is where the beauty is in the beast. The enemy does not expect a brawler to cover that distance that fast. This is especially delicious against kiting ships. While they may be able to easily outpace this ship at top speed, they aren’t faster by a wide enough margin during acceleration to matter, when compared to the hundreds of milliseconds advantage given by the pre-staging and the reflex.

From here it’s management – try to dictate range and not have range dictated to you. I have yet to fight anything that 500m wasn’t the best range for, although it stands to reason that that situation may occur.

Made sure the MASB is set to fully manual for the best experience – you will lose some armor, but it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The idea is that the shields will keep their guns from biting very heavily into your structure while you apply damage, win or lose.


This ship is awesome for grinding in the reflexes required to fast tackle pilots who warp into plexes, as well as eventually tackling in a more open arena (I once nearly grabbed a Garmur going twice my top speed with this ship). Bring along a friend who will be grateful that you can easily provide a temporarily nailed-down target, and you can reap killmails of much more expensive ships, or freely participate in trash roams.

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I'm officially the oldest newb in EvE. Started playing in 2005, wasn't even done my trial when I lost my first ship in PvP. Still flying T1 frigates... "Goggle's Down, Cannon's Up!"

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