CSM Spotlight – DJ FunkyBacon

CSM Spotlights are articles that highlight candidates for the Council of Stellar Management that have interest in low-sec space. While not necessarily faction warfare minded, any changes to the way things in low-sec operate will alter our lives in Faction Warfare, so these candidates are incredibly important to how we play EVE. The following is a spotlight on DJ FunkyBacon, and what he hopes to bring to the table.

DJ FunkyBacon - CSM9 Candidate
DJ FunkyBacon – CSM9 Candidate

DJ FunkyBacon, a well-known figure in the EVE Online community, is running for office in CSM 9. A veteran broadcaster for EVE Radio since 2006, he is also known as Mirana Niranne, the CEO of Rabid Ninja Space Monkey Inc. and executor of Monkeys with Guns. Of all the candidates, he is to my knowledge the only one that is actively in faction warfare, making him a prime candidate for representing our favorite past-time and our various needs. He is also an active blogger and runs his own site, funkybacon.blogspot.com, as well as writing about Faction Warfare on TheMittani.com. He’s active, old school (he’s been playing since EVE’s release back in 2003), and has done a little bit of everything. His campaign, however, focuses on bringing a representative for Faction Warfare back to the CSM, which was lacking representation entirely in CSM 8.


Monkeys with Guns is a well-known and highly active alliance on the Gallente side of Faction Warfare. DJ FunkyBacon has been with his corp, Rabid Ninja Space Monkey Inc. since 2009, and Monkeys with Guns since it was created in 2012. Not only does he have a heavy focus on the actual mechanics of Faction Warfare and fighting the Caldari and Amarr, but the alliance also has a dedicated division for training new players. This gives him the ability to effectively represent new players joining up since the BR-5RB fight caused a massive spike in new subscriptions to EVE Online.


The only major new features to have come to fruition since the last time FW had a seat on CSM are the new security tags (which DJ FunkyBacon mentions was likely worked on during CSM7), and orbital bombardments. Sadly, the latter right now is barely usable, and trying to coordinate effective strikes on planets with Dust players is an exercise in frustration that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Significant changes have to be made to that feature before it becomes usable and fun. As of this moment, I know of at least one person that plays Dust with two headsets on, one to talk to people in Dust, the other to hop around between EVE alliance TeamSpeak channels asking people to come bombard whatever planet his group has randomly landed at.


Like many people that live in the area, DJ FunkyBacon feels that many look at low-sec as a stepping stone to null-sec, not its own entity. However, many of the major groups here, from major pirate entities to most that are in faction warfare have no intention of using at as such and “graduating” to null-sec. Low-sec is its own entity, with its own rules and lifestyle vastly different than null-sec. This is why it’s so important to have representatives, because as the game changes we need someone to make sure new things come to low-sec and it doesn’t just stagnate while null-sec gets everything new.


There are 2 major points that relate specifically to the current situation of faction warfare that he plans to address. The first as listed on his post, is warp core stabilizers. This is a global issue, and I’ve heard cries from every single side of the warzone in regards to this. There is absolutely nothing more infuriating than going around hunting for things to kill, entering a plex to go for that lone player hoping for glorious 1v1 combat, and then to find out it’s the 20th Atron for the night fit with warp stabs and a cloak and he just warps away to go farm yet another plex. This is not what the soul of Faction Warfare is about.


Faction Warfare is about PVP. Small scale, low-sec PVP. The tremendous use of warp stabilizers ruins this. Why would I risk a combat ship going out and trying to plex while looking for fights when I can fit a ship for 1/10th of the cost and make 10x the money? It breaks the mechanics and makes trying to find fights in small gangs and solo incredibly difficult and frustrating, and it’s driven many solo players out of faction warfare entirely. As DJ FunkyBacon says, “I think similar, if not more effective levels of evasion can be attained with nanos and other mods that will simply require the pilots in question to pay a little more attention rather than wait for their minimized client to buzz before swapping windows to warp away.” While the method to fix the overabundant use of warp core stabilizers in Faction Warfare is currently unclear, this is one of the primary points of focus for him and the quote above is a good start.


The second point is income. Many FW corporations provide SRP, or want to, but a lot of time that comes out of donations and the pocket of the corporation leaders. Faction warfare is an isk printing machine on a per player basis. You earn all of your money by turning in LP, which with current game mechanics can’t be taxed. This ends up with people running missions making 30, 40 million a mission, but even with 100% tax set by the corporation itself, it would only make a couple million from the actual mission reward. Many leaders in the militias have said that the easiest and best way to fix this is to simply allow the taxing of LP. If you set a tax of 5% on people’s LP gain in the corporation, your corporation would be rolling in more than enough isk to keep your POSes running and your SRP plan in the black. Null-sec has tremendous amounts of income from various sources. Ratting, moon mining, industry and various other methods that can be very lucrative. While those things still earn decent money in low-sec, they don’t earn anywhere close to what you get in null-sec, leaving corporations largely incapable of earning income at a self-sustainable rate. For many this doesn’t matter, they can earn money easily on their own and pay for their own ships. For the leaders of corporations that want to be more than that, to offer lucrative SRP programs and perks for their members, it poses a huge problem.


Overall DJ FunkyBacon is a candidate with a very solid focus on fixing major problems with Faction Warfare. He’s been running a successful corporation in Gallente for over 5 years. He knows the ins and outs, what works and what doesn’t, and what needs to be improved to make Faction Warfare not only more fun but more streamlined. If you want to read even more about him, check out his EVE-CSM.com spotlight.

About Subsparx

Subsparx has been playing EVE for 10 years now, dabbling in many things but avoiding Null-Sec. He spends most of his time supplying militia with various services, from information and news articles to a public TeamSpeak and Forum, which sadly results in undocking less often than he would like.

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  1. AdrenalineJunkiebwithnoISK

    EveO Frigate PvP is awesome but….

    One thing what drives newbies out of FW is the overbundend use of Link Alts. Something Newbies don’t know about it or don’t have the ISK/Skills/Accounts counter it. 1vs1 fights are dead for us. So, yeah our newbie corp doesn’t fight 1vs1 anymore.
    And if noone is online I’m looking for an open Milize fleet or go plexing. And while plexing I’m blueballling everyone. I need ISK to keep buying frigates. And no, I don’t have the skills to fly a bomber to farm lvl4 FW Missions. So FUCK YOU. WCS for the win!!!

    Ehm… What I want to say is that while I really would like to fight everyone, I don’t do it anymore. And while ratting or doing anoms would also provide ISK, the FW is home to so many Pirategroups that it is nearly impossible for new chars to make money without plexing with WCS.

    But that is a problem nearly ALL CSM Member is forgetting or don’t get it anymore. Nearly all of them have 3+ accounts with several years old chars. And the newbs are getting told to just join a corp in the hope to get some crumps. FUCK this, WCS for the win 😛

    Yeah, I know, Eve is hard and that is why I like Eve. But I really get the impression that it is impossible to enjoy Eve in a casual way when even the newby friendly FW is so fucking hard and even getting harder when the bittervets are getting their way -.-

    • I’ve always made my money in FW with my single account. If you really want to farm and rake it in, FW missions are where it’s at, and far more efficient than plexing. What’s more, unless you’re Gallente, you can do the L4’s in a stealth bomber. As Gallente, I have to use a proteus because of missiles and target jams, and that is NOT very noob friendly at all, so if you’re a FEDEF noob, you’re SOL unless we can get those missions changed to be more like the other faction missions.

      If you’re single boxed and still want to run plexes, all you have to do is pay attention to your surroundings to not get killed. You can be 35k off the warpin in a frigate, still be within range of the timer button, and have plenty of time to warp away should someone come in as long as you’re actually looking at your overview. You can be directly ON the warp in and still have time to get out if someone comes in a ship you can’t kill as long as you pay attention to dscan. These things are not hard, they just require you to not be afk.

      • AdrenalineJunkiebwithnoISK

        Thanks for the tips. The problem is… I know them.

        Stealth Bomber are still are NOT Noobfriendly. And while my Char isn’t that young (T2 large artillery an HACs) I still can’t fly a stealthbomber because I lack the missile skills. Ok, that is only a minor setback of 2-3 weeks for a decent DPS application but still, as a new player there are a lot of these 😉
        “At least I’m in Caldari and don’t have the problems with the Gallente FW Missions. I really hope that CCPl changes them -.-”

        And watching 15min the DScan… I tried that . It works. But lvl4 Missions are more fun than that. And with all the pirates flying here… it is nearly impossible to earn a buck. And without whining about T1 .

        That is the problem with you old players. You have the skills for flying a lot of different ships. You can change and adapt more easily to new challenges and environments.

        And that is why I have done. Adapting. Changing to WCS. Getting a 2.Char for Missioning. And I will probably leave FW. Join a Pirategroup. More targets and no more plexing.

  2. Why has everyone issue with warp stabbs? In my experience most people leave the plex when they see someone on gate anyway. Most people who I’ve met who were crying that my ship had warp stabbs in plex were those who had few more years in game – way more skills and experience and also were flying better ship even if I’d have normal fit.

    So mostly it was people looking for more easy kills and increase in killboard stats than some real PvP. But I get it, almost noone wants to go against stronger opponent huh, but when weaker use some tactics to save theirs lives, its wrong. I don’t like spies in FW who come to plex to point me so other neutrals can come in and shoot me down. But its part of EvE so I have to deal with it.

    Farmers are “problem” in whole EvE. Just let new pilots in FW make some isks with stabbs and skill up so they can get ships and fight you later. Now as I’m getting more and more skills I’m fighting 1v1 more and more and I’m not using stabbed ship anymore. If someone has stabbs, just go find someone else.

    FW might need some safe way in high sec to make some money – not a lot, just for frigs. Some safe missions or something. Because if you would take safer way (stabbed ships) from new people with low skills who are pretty much going to die almost every time if they encounter someone, how are they going to make isks on ships? Or do we want to drive away new players from FW?

    • You my friend are a rarity. The massive amount of farmers fitting Warp Core Stabs does not come from new players in Faction Warfare but from alt characters from other parts of the game, usually Null Sec. In answer to your assertion that Warp Core Stabs are a shelter for New Players. If your trained to make ridiculous amounts of money from farming plexs in a T1 Warp Core Stab frig how are you going to gain ANY experience actually fighting people.

      Finding a way to prevent Warp Core Stabs in FW Isn’t about trying to kill some one with low SP. Its that someone has to not pay any attention at all to EVE. If someone manages to warp into the plex, burn to the players who’s probably 30K off the button, point that guy because he hasn’t cloaked or isn’t inta-aligned out, you should be able to hold and kill that guy.

      People can earn the EXACT same amount of LP with unstabbed Frigates as they can with stabbed frigates. They just have to actually be paying attention.

      Warp Core Stabs do not help new players at all, even if that was the main problem, which its not, because of the aforementioned Alt problem. New Players should learn how to fight, or how to avoid fighting. As you have pointed out anyone who is paying attention to their D-Scan can always warp off at anytime when someone lands on the plex gate. The only way a New Player would die is if they weren’t paying attention, Which isn’t inherently a new player problem.

      My fault isn’t with the avoiding PvP. As stated several times someone who doesn’t want to PvP can always warp off when the time comes. My problem is with the fact that you are not only farming LP but you are effecting the Sovereignty of the systems and the Warzone as a whole. The massive amount of alternate characters in FW purely for the sake of making money at the expense of those of us who actually care about FW Sov which is the system we are actually supposed to care about. I am tired of seeing all side of Faction Warfare having to spend MASSIVE amounts of time simply trying to undue the work of AFK, Completely Safe, No Consequences Plex Farmers.

      • Simyaldee, I agree but the root of the problem is not FW related. The root problem is that FW plexing has the best isk/hr to risk ratio in the game. This is the broken part and CCP needs to fix 0.0 income at the individual level to get all the 0.0 alts out of FW and into 0.0.

        • Absolutely, I agree here. I don’t have a problem with warp core stabilizers specifically, the issue I have is the fact you can earn gobs of isk/hr with little to no effort by using them. I don’t feel that’s the point of FW. The point is the war between the sides and there needs to be more risk involved then potentially losing a 200k isk ship to somebody with a 3 point or double scrams in exchange for making a hundred mil an hour.

        • @Andre Vauban

          Changing the isk/hr ratio for solo players is something I disagree with. Providing new players with an easy source of income via plexing is important for me. I remember what is was like back when I was a noob, struggling to pay for PLEX and make money for ships.

          CCP ‘fixing’ income at the individual level is a vague statement that opens up a MASSIVE can of worms that means more then I think a lot of people realize.

          1. It implies that you wish to murder in its crib all the solo PvP that occurs in plexes. And their is a LOT. I personally enjoy earning money while also fighting other people from time to time. Plex beacons provide a natural rally point for people in a system to fight over, even random neutrals and pirates recognize them as such. Initiating change to remove what is essentially an exploitation of the system is great. Getting rid of all means to move solo is not.

          2. Forcing people into a ‘group’ mentality is EXACTLY why Sov Null Sec is broken. Forcing people to join the established clubs is why Sov Null is divided between a Maximum of 6 entities. You need to be part of these clubs to make ISK and defend yourself. The Small Guy? Faction Warfare space is populated by dozens of 2-3 man tightly knitted corps. Not to mention the many dozens more of legitimate solo players who joined Faction Warfare specifically so they would be able to PvP without having big brother looking over their shoulder calling the shots.

          You and me are part of established Alliances and have been so for a significant amount of time. I and maybe you find it difficult to identity with these lone wolfs(And by that I mean legitimate solo players not plex farmers). However I want them to play the game the way the want to. Not force them into a play style just because I want to stop AFK-Plex farmers.

          3. CCP hasn’t even looked at Faction Warfare in years. It is going to be far easier to convince them to make some minor changes banning stabs from plexes and/or plex rewinds then it is for them to devote significant time to revamp Faction Warfare AGAIN. Especially when they have the Giant Massive Elephant in the middle of the room called Sov Null Sec.

          4. The problem may not be as big with the Gallente but getting a Caldari Fleet together is sometimes like trying to herd a bunch of Angry Stupid Cats. I personally would prefer my money making ability to NOT be tied to something that is nearly beyond my control, and will be beyond the control of many people. Especially since we have had to deal with the plex farmers basically determining the level of WZ tier we can be at.

          If you can find me a way to change the Isk/hr involved in plexes with out screwing over the solo player, forcing them to join big corps to earn money, and forcing people to rely on what is at best a fairly loose coalition that is far beyond their control then I will re-evaluate my position.

          Until then I will continue to support the banning of WCS from Plexes and the Plex Rewind mechanics. They should be easy to implement by CCP solve a vast majority of the problems with AFK Plex farmers and do not effect the current state of earning money in faction warfare. Which I enjoy and which provides legitimate benefits for those of us who do participate fully.

          Am I against measures that encourage group play? No. Upping the ISK/Ratio for players so that instead of dividing the LP of the plex by the amount of people it uses that number of people to enhance the reward and THEN divide it. Fantastic. Taxes on LP. Freaking Brilliant. Providing more tools for large groups to effect the warzone? Excellent! Killing solo play and forcing Faction Warfare to become Sov Null. No no and NO.

        • Disagree here. Plexing isk/hour at T1 is comparable to high sec mining, if not less depending on your setup. At T2 it’s better. At T3+ it’s probably closer to high sec mining again due to lack of plexes available to be run.

          Mission LP is the true yardstick, and the one that’s broken. Focus on balancing that instead of plex LP.

          Disparity of effort is where the issue lies in plexing.

  3. I love Mirana, but warp core stabs are not a problem. Using stabs is a perfectly legitimate tacit. The problem is that they can be used by a zero SP alt and cause a lot of damage to system contested levels that requires more effort to undo than it did to cause. To counter the 0 SP alt requires 2 characters with low to medium SPs. 1 is needed to undo the timer in the plex and another is needed to chase the farmer from plex to plex. If you only have 1 character, then the farmer can slowly make progress in all plexes in the system.

    My personal favorite solution to the problem is automated reverse timer count down to 0 (aka timer rollback). If I force the enemy out a plex and then enter control range of the button, the plex will begin counting back to neutral even if I leave the capture range. This automated countdown to neutral will continue until the timer reaches a neutral value or the enemy returns to the plex and enters capture range.

    • WCS are a problem in that they allow plexes to be run on a minimized client, otherwise known as AFK, using the minimized client’s audio cues as a warning that you’re being engaged and it’s time to warp out. For a player actually at his keys and paying attention, he too is in no danger of getting caught because he’ll warp out either as you land, or when you show up on D-scan, and he can do it 100% effectively without a single WCS fitted.

      The other things you mentioned are also part of my solution to the problem. WCS are only part of the issue. I’ve brought up timer rollbacks, and beefier tanks on the larger plex NPCs, especially the cruiser that only takes 50 DPS to kill. On top of that, system wide visible plex timers if someone is running the plex are another thing our community has asked for repeatedly, and received no traction with in the last year.

      • im not sure if i like the idea of being able to tell where ships are in a system without the already in game tools of probs and dscan. adding system visible plex timers will reduce a large chunk of (get ready for the buzzword!!!) “content”……especially around accel gates. i know it wont give info like “whats inside” and “how many” but considering weve already got the massive intel crutch known as “local” idk if more is needed. idk i guess i just like the current system where, unless youve got a cloak, i can see you if you can see me.

      • Same can be said for mining. WCS on plexers is only annoying because you’re trying to kill them, and after doing just about everything right they can still get away.

        One thought would be to carry a mobile depot and extra scrams along, and refit when they’re stabbed. You might not catch them the first time, but you will after that.

  4. Thanatos Marathon

    Timer Rollbacks or dual timers will do the trick. I already cast my ballot with you at the top though.

  5. Reginald Sakakibara

    Congratulations on being elected!

  6. this guy doesnt understand the term loyalty. and NO if you set the corp tax rate to 100% for fw mission running its literately billions of isk its more than enough for a corp to run on.

    • How exactly do you get billions of isk from 100% tax rate? FW missions don’t pay out much isk, they pay out via LP. Millions of isk sure, but billions? Not so much unless you are taxing a highly active thousand person corp that runs missions 24/7.

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