Caldari Battle Report: The Battle of Sujarento – Part 1

The last weekend saw another battle happen in the middle of the Caldari-Gallente warzone. This time, the Caldari went on the offensive, and that resulted in another profusion of Killmails.

In this series of Faction Report for the Batlle of Sujarento, I will bring you the best Kills and Battles that happened during that campaign!

Today we will cover the first two days before the weekend.

[Editor’s Note: The following is an analysis of the story that the killboard tells about the carnage in Sujarento. It is written from the perspective of a Caldari pilot involved with the attack on the system.]

Thursday 6 August 2015, A Slow Start

The first signs of the campaign started relatively late on Thursday. By 1800 EVE Time, only sporadic fights happened in the system. Then one skirmish would spark out the hostilities in the system, a skirmish that would show the first commitment of one of the major players in the coming fights: Rapid Withdrawal.

Near 1900 EVE Time, Holy Cookie had a fight with Rapid Withdrawal. Rapid Withdrawal sported the usual Battlyst while fighting some Holy Cookie frigates. Holy Cookie vs. Rapid Withdrawal.

Rapid Withdrawal has recently been known for being the top Corporation in the game when it comes to kills, so it wasn’t a surprise that they would show up. Later in the evening, Templis CALSF would make their first step in the campaign. Around 2000-2100 EVE Time, Templis fought Rapid Withdrawal and would actually succeed on destroying them, scoring that nice Confessor kill. That fight would be the last of the day between Caldari and Gallente. However, after the Militias, the Pirates, Snuffed Out and Project.Mayhem, would come to the system after the first inches of blood have dropped: DramielTengu.

Early Friday 7 August 2015, A Starting Catastrophe

As early as 0400 EVE Time, the fighting would resume with Templis coming back to the system with some serious guns. The next two hours would see an amount of big ships exploded and ISKs wasted that could only be qualified as… entertaining. Templis would start installing a POS to aid in the main assault of the system. That POS would end up as a giant beacon for content.

Both Rapid Withdrawal and Templis CALSF would come to the system with ships that are rarely seen in FW system sieges. The Caldari would lose a Rook, several heavy logistics (1) (2), and numerous Gila (1) (2) (3). All those would be fielded to deal with that Dominix, VNI, and more specifically to deal with that Megatron, piloted by the infamous MyTimeIsNow, on the Gallente side.

During that fight the Caldari would try to defend their POS from an assault by those Gallente force. The Gallente ended up knowing about the existence of that POS and that for a reason that could only make that POS something really difficult to hide as you will see in a few. That fight would end up in favor of the Caldari. Unfortunately, ISK-wise, the Gallente would be largely ISK positive with just a few of the Gila downed largely covering the loss of the Megatron.

But the best was only to come.

30 Minutes later, Templis would come with an even more impressive fleet to fight the Gallente at the POS. The Gallente would respond in kind and the value of killmails would be consequent.

However, the one ship in that POS that sparked that assault on it would eventually join the fight. What could have been a show of force for the Caldari would end up as a catastrophe.

Chimera kill.

The presence of the Chimera probably tip the ears of the Gallente toward the existence of the POS, but it would also attract a lot of unwanted attention in the form of WAFFLES and Snuffed Out, all too eager to come for the capital kill. Those would obviously not mind joining forces temporarily with the Gallente to down the beast and cause what was to be a demonstration for the Caldari become a situation that went haywire way too quickly.

In the end the killboard would look really bad for the Caldari. The Carrier would have been the spearhead of what is one of the most impressive fleet the Caldari have assembled in a while, instead it attracted forces that would overwhelm them.

The rest of the day would see more reasonable fights, with Rapid Withdrawal scaling back to Derplyst and Templis going back to Algos. But around 1100-1200 EVE Time the Caldari main battle force of the AU/EU timezone would log in and join the fight. Confessor Kill The fighting would die down but the Caldari would use that period to heavily grind the system contested ratio.

Way later, visitors from Project.Mayhem would come and find their fun in the system: Scythe Fleet Issue kill.

To Be Continued…

Despite the heavy blow the loss of the Chimera was, the Caldari would show a lot of bravado and will to fight. But would that bravado result in something other than the absolute domination of the Gallente and Rapid Withdrawal?


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