Caldari Battle Report: The Battle of Sujarento – Part 2

Saturday ended up being the last day of the Battle of Sujarento. Last time we saw how the Caldari opened the assault on the system with a fleet that, if its crown jewel had not been destroyed, would have made the Caldari proud. This time we will talk about the blunt of the assault, and that with the introduction of one more actor alongside Templis CALSF, Operation Meatshield.

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After losing their Chimera, Templis CALSF started downsizing to more reasonable sizes, which made the Gallente downsize too. The morning of Saturday the 8th would see mostly Destroyer on Destroyer action, with Battlyst being massively used by both sides.

The Caldari managed to gain some ground back as The Heiian Conglemerate (specifically The Church of Awesome), the Lethal Intent alliance, and SQUIDS. plexed back the system: Confessor kill. The Caldari would then accumulate kills after kills.

But that day would also see the arrival of the Operation Meatshield corporation on the battlefield of Sujarento, long after the intervention of The Church, Lethal Intent, and SQUIDS. Operation Meatshield is a relatively new Caldari corporation focusing on grinding the enemy out, while at the same time sporting elite and well-known members of the Caldari militia like Mr. Duffo and Nicholas Goldfinder.

As Operation Meatshield deployed in the system, the fights against Rapid Withdrawal would start out again.

Each side brought out ECM, logi, frigates, and destroyers, as the situation demanded. Griffin kill. Bantam kill. The battle would once again ask out for a real effort on the logistics side, with Atrons, Merlins, and Catalysts being spent in great numbers. By 1800 EVE time, the system saw members from across CalMil fighting: Catalyst kill.

From there the amount of kills would exponentially increase. Hours after hours, more and more ships would be thrown into the grinder (Osprey kill) as you can see from the amount of damage that Osprey took. The Gallente would manage during the assault to score out that nice Booster kill: Astarte. Unfortunately, as the fighting continued and the day was ending, the Caldari failed to keep the system plexed. And while there were plenty of good fights (many evenly matched), the overall battle was lost on the strategic side. Additionally, the Gallente slowly took the lead kills-wise.

Past 2400 EVE time, the system would see more and more Caldari fleets destroyed by Spaceship Bebop. Of course, the carnage intensifying would attract some attention from stragglers all around the galaxy. For instance, this Orthrus pilot paid a visit to Sujarento and left the system with a nice list of kills.

The Exodus. alliance also came to the system and farmed some kills out of the Perimeter Defense Systems corporation. Merlin kill. But the Perimeter Defense Systems corporation would soon after get back on their feet and get some kills back from the system.

The war effort would go on until late early morning of the next day with Templis CALSF pushing the system even as other Caldari forces retired. Unfortunately, Templis CALSF would also feed kills to an opponent that was more than eager to receive them.

In The End…

But in the end, Sujarento would remain in Gallente hands. Where the Caldari showed some improvements in their capacity to get kills out of a system siege, they failed to win on the strategic side. CalMil were frequently pushed out of plexes and lured into fights that would not meaningfully help with capturing the system.

Still, efforts from great pilots like The Last Sparton cannot be discounted. Despite the failure of the Caldari to capture the system, several CalMil would end up among the top killers in the system. Rapid Withdrawal still topped the charts, as always (some would say). Everyone of those actors would contribute to make Sujarento the top system in kills for the days the battle lasted and long after, making even the likes of null-sec dwellers jealous of the amount of action low-sec, and more specifically Faction Warfare space, was seeing.

And despite some of the horrendous losses the Caldari suffered, CalMil should continued resolved a commitment to stay in the fight even if they were met with mixed success and eventual failure. Sujarento was a brave demonstration of the rekindled Caldari spirit, involving all the major actors of the faction in what was a deliberate action instead of a call for rescue!

The Story Continues

Shortly after the writing of this battle report, GalMil successfully captured nearby system Tama after continued pressure. Although this could be seen as a crippling defeat for the Caldari, the event may prove to me more than a home system lost for CalMil.

Stay tuned for a full discussion on the loss of Tama which is coming shortly.

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  1. Not mentioned is what triggered this entire battle, which is the POS that RDRAW caught Cal Mil setting up in Sujarento. It was reinforced while still being deployed, and all the major fighting took place while the POS was in reinforced mode. When the POS came out a combined Gal Mil fleet of Dominixes with Guardians had to play cat and mouse with 2 neutral fleets, one sniper Machariel fleet and one Armor Railgun Proteus, looking to 3rd and 4th party the festivities.

    Cal Mil had a few Ospreys popping in and out of the shield to get some reps whenever the fleets were jostling for position, but eventually Gal Mil was able to destroy the POS.

    It was certainly a busy 36 hours.

    • Dantelion Shinoni

      The drama around the POS was covered in Part 1 I think. Pretty sure the loss of the POS was accompanied with the loss of the Chimera. But yeah, judging from the killmails, people have been busy around that POS.

  2. Never heard of Goldfinder. On what basis is he considered “elite”? Quick check of zkill shows Duffo has *six times* the kills of Goldfinder, while Goldfinder has half of even Chaiz Tay.

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