An Interview with Khan

Ah Khan. The source of so much love and so much hate in Caldari militia. Some loved him for his constant fleets, his effectiveness in pushing the war zone and taking what he wanted. Others hated the drama that seemed to revolve around him and his friends. The civil wars, the tremendous ego. One thing can be said for sure though. Khan left his mark on the Caldari, and he’s still talked about to this day. He’s one of the most charismatic, loud, boisterous, and visible people to have ever joined Caldari militia, and his impact on us will not soon be forgotten. Recently, in a fit of rage due to another civil war breaking out, he left for Gallente, but his time there is now ending. His corporation is leaving BORG, and is moving to null-sec. I sat down with Khan to do an interview with him as he exits Faction Warfare and embarks on his next journey.

Subsparx: What originally drew you to join the BORG alliance?
Khan Farshatok: WOW, this brings back some memories. Well over a year ago there was a corp in here ran by a few British guys who were pretty good PVPers and they LOVED Talwars. And we ALL know how much I love Talwars lol. But when they decided to move on I made my own corp and put it in BORG to fly along side of the Icelanders.

Subsparx: What made you originally choose to come to Caldari Faction Warfare?
Khan Farshatok: I knew Amarr and Winmatar militia’s were crap and I had already done the Gallente thing on a char I sold a long time ago so I decided to give the other side a go.

Subsparx: How did you end up as Executor of BORG?
Khan Farshatok: There were some of these super lazy Icelanders who weren’t doing anything and after a while of prodding they gave the alliance to me since they couldn’t do anything. I actually became the full-fledged exec some time in July last year.

Subsparx: What was it like leading so much in Caldari while you were there?
Khan Farshatok: I enjoyed the good fights to be honest, but on the other side…… let’s just say everyone thinks they are important and what they have to say must be said to whomever everyone is following. There wasn’t a single day I would log on and not have well over 25 mails, and well over 30 people convoing me constantly. In some respects it was quite rewarding because I made great new friends because of my position that I am still friends with now, and some of them are people im moving out to null with.

Subsparx: Recap what caused you to shift from Caldari Militia to Gallente Militia.
Khan Farshatok: Major violations of the EULA and CCP not enforcing them as they should. Yes I used it to get two of my accounts that were previously perma-banned un-banned due to CCP’s inability to treat every customer the same, but I almost feel like it would have been more satisfying to see the offending parties removed from EVE for good. Then you had certain groups trying to get in my way of my rageful slaughter of these people. The way I looked at it is that if these people felt like they wanted to defend these people and shoot me that I would make it 100 times easier on everyone involved.

Subsparx: What was the impact on the alliance when you defected due to the war with Mira deVorsha? (khan-farshatoks-address-to-cal-mil and mira-devorshas-response-to-khan for reference)
Khan Farshatok: Well one of our larger corps which we picked up decided they were more dedicated to Cal Mil than BORG. Which is fine. To be totally honest BORG was doing perfectly fine without them before they joined, and we did perfectly fine after they left. Yes it would have been amazing and I could have done some pretty wicked shit with their leadership added on to our pile of awesome, but we really didn’t lose something we needed before. As for individual members, yes we lost a few that I wish we wouldn’t have, but this is a game and they are paying for it not me so they get to do what ever they want and I can’t be too mad at them for choosing a path they decided was more pleasurable for them.

Subsparx: Was Gallente receptive to you defecting to their side?
Khan Farshatok: At first they were a bit cautious, but after we killed 100 people in the first 3 days from camping Innia they welcomed us with open arms. While in Caldari I hated most of the people I’ve made friends with that are in Gal Mil. I would have killed someone if they would have said I would one day say what I’m about to say now, but the guys in JUSTK are actually all a bunch of really cool fucking dudes. They just like killing shit.

Subsparx: What were the main differences on the Gallente side compared to Caldari?
Khan Farshatok: The people you would consider leadership of the gallente are more seasoned in FW that those trying to take the gauntlet in Caldari. They have way more experience dealing with and organizing FW in general and everyone there respects them. Fewer people trying to swing their dicks around and vie for control.

Subsparx: Given the chance to do it all over again, from scratch, which faction would you join?
Khan Farshatok: I wouldn’t change anything. I’ve made friends I wouldn’t give up for anything. Friends I wouldn’t have made if i were to have joined Gallente, AKA Theta, Katiya Graves, Subsparx, Gorum and Buzzkill.

Subsparx: What was the final straw that made you decide to leave militia altogether?
Khan Farshatok: Honestly, boredom. Slaughtering noobs all day long gets boring to me. When I no longer feel like it’s a challenge I have to move on. I enjoy the challenge and EVE is one of those games where the challenge isn’t rivaled by any other game. I have spent thousands of dollars on games I quit after a week because there was NO challenge and EVE I’ve been playing since 2004. Where I am going, I believe, is going to be full of new challenges.

Subsparx: Is there anything in particular CCP could improve about FW in order to reignite your interest?
Khan Farshatok: GIVE CORPS THE CHANCE TO TAX LP!!! I have been going on about this for months. If corps could get a small percentage of tax there would be a higher reason for us to recruit newer players and it would make it easier for groups to make a concentrated effort to increase tier levels without the members seeing any real loss. Secondly, since LP is the source of income in FW, corps can’t fund things like SRP’s and cap/super cap funds. This would make FW an actual stepping stone to null and would make it a place for new alliances to start and older alliances to lick their wounds and grow. This would mean more fights, more people and larger ship types in fleet fights. This one single absolute thing would make FW 1000 times better.

Subsparx: Where are you headed now?
Khan Farshatok: TBH at this time I forget exactly where it is, but all I need to know is that I get to thrash CFC pubbies around again. I love slaughtering CFC pubbies.

Subsparx: What drew you to Titans.?
Khan Farshatok: A few of the aforementioned friends I have made are there and they are already established. I want to join a place where I think I will get to slaughter some of the people I love to slaughter the most. Goon tears = Best tears.

P.S. When borg went to Gal a bunch of you quit DICtK because you didn’t want to kill Caldari or didn’t want to fly with Gallente. As most of you said you would come back after I was done blowing my load all over those who pissed me off, put your apps in and I’ll accept them. Come to null with us and enjoy some really amazing kills. Carriers, lots of ratting carriers abound.

About Subsparx

Subsparx has been playing EVE for 10 years now, dabbling in many things but avoiding Null-Sec. He spends most of his time supplying militia with various services, from information and news articles to a public TeamSpeak and Forum, which sadly results in undocking less often than he would like.

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  1. Khan,
    I think things like SRP would make FW null-sec light and as you said a stepping stone to null. SRP encourages bad piloting habits, makes pilots dependent on the corp/alliance, and pushes people towards larger fleet fights and less small gang.

    That being said, I think this is the wrong direction for FW. FW is about casual, small gang pvp. CCP needs to fix nullsec so that the coalitions cannot/won’t bother curb stomping any new group trying to get a foothold into bad nullsec regions.

    • Completely agree on all points, Andre. FW is a destination, not a stepping stone.

      Some of us have felt all along that the negative drama was rooted in certain self-appointed “leaders” being unable accept fundamental political and cultural differences between FW and null.

  2. Subsparx — this was a nice piece. I never knew that Khan was such a passionate Goon-hater — I now have considerably more sympathy for him than I did before, and wish him well in killing Goons wherever he finds them.

    I would love to see similar interviews with Gallente leadership, giving them a chance to talk about how they organize and get people to work together.

  3. +1 Khan. Worthy opponent. Excellent ally. FW will be a more boring place without you. Good luck to you wherever you land!

  4. Thanatos Marathon

    Good luck on your next adventure!

    On the LP taxation, you aren’t the only one that has been actively pushing for it. However, many of us wouldn’t use it to step into Null we would use it to push more content in FW lowsec.

  5. Welcome to Titans buddy.

  6. Just to show that everything Khan says is a lie.

    [23:05:59] Khan Farshatok > Fleet WarpSujarento 2 months time, i will be docked in nenn as cal militia. ill message you when it happens just to be the bick dick of a goon that i am

    One moment ” Goon that i am ” Next hates them with a passion same with Caldari Strange.

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