Amarrian Autumn

When the Gallente entered the Amarr/Minmatar warzone following the collapse of Caldari resistance, the natural pendulum swing of Faction Warfare had been on the side of the Amarr. Minmatar loyalty points were devalued and Imperial forces were pushing systems to drag the 24th Imperial Crusade out of Tier 2. The Gallente incursion, however, effectively swung the warzone back into the favor of the Minmatar. Between Gallente plexers and Minmatar bashers, the Minmatar Tier 4 wave was artificially extended with over a dozen Amarrian systems lost in a single weekend. Now, however, the tables have turned and the Amarr Empire is squarely enjoying Tier 4 dominance.

As of November 19, 2014, the current map of the warzone shows the Minmatar deep in Tier 1 and on the defensive. At this point, only a few groups are providing token resistance against the Amarrian counter-attack. All of the systems around Fortress Siseide have been liberated by the combined groups that call it home. These groups simultaneously project power into the northern regions of Heimatar and Metropolis virtually unopposed, while a LOADED-DICE [D6] initiative has reclaimed the “Pilgrim Road”–”the southern ley line from Oyonata to Huola” all the way to the gates of the Minmatar stronghold of Huola itself. According to an e-mail sent out to the LOADED-DICE alliance, the two-month long Pilgrim Road campaign resulted in over two thousand kills, worth an estimated one hundred billion ISK. In the words of Ahliya, the Executor of D6, “Any fleets that met the SIC [Southern Inquisitorial Command] on the Pilgrim Road in October only stood a 6.5% chance of survival.”

Pockets of resistance outside of Huola continue to hold out against Amarrian forces. These defenders are now supported by farmers and galvanized by their ability to take multiple systems in a single day. Hold-out systems include Auner, Bosboger, and Kourmonen, which linger within the grasp of the Republic as the North falls to crusaders.

Indeed, as the Amarr empire shrugs off the months of Tier 1 and Tier 2 following the ill-fated “Burn Huola” campaign, Amarrian forces are eager to consolidate with a renewed sense of unity and purpose. Dirt ‘n’ Glitter [D-N-G] has dropped from I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth [J4LP] and has re-entered the Amarr militia, setting the stage for the formation of a massive coalition spanning across the 24th Imperial Crusade’s alliances and corporations. Dubbed “Scorch OP,” the coalition’s founding members include Dirt ‘n’ Glitter [D-N-G], Calibrated Chaos [L33T.], Imperial Outlaws. [I.Law, LOADED-DICE [D6], madmen of the skies [YMAD], and The North is Coming [THEN]. Additional members include 24eme Legion Etrangere [24FL], Obsidian Cadre [OBCA], R3X Project [-R3X-], Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE], Relentlessly Reclaiming [RR], Sunking Crusaders [SK-C], and Terpene Conglomerate [TERP]. With a list as extensive as this, it surprised few when Shiva Makoto, an FC of Imperial Outlaws congratulated Tristan daCuhna by saying, “gj trisan. you created amarr militia.” requested a statement on the formation of the coalition from Tristan daCuhna. He graciously provided the following:

“It’s 3am here so I’ll keep it short.

Wanted to sort out a tight group of core Amarrian corps / alliances when I formed DNG. We got distracted when J4LP came back to the WZ and jumped back in the alliance.

Now alliance interests are focused more on CFC ops, DNG is returning to FW and kinda picking up where we left off. Instead of just getting good standings between DNG and other corps, I thought, “Let’s try a small coalition and see what happens.” Scorch OP was formed in a night.

Going forward, the plan is for more co-operation between the core Amarrian groups. Support for scheduled and fast response operations. Shared comms / jabber and tighter fleet doctrines and strategy.

My goal is to get things in place and working, then those who deliver results and content will be able to filter up and start making decisions for the wider group.

Not really had a chance to look past that. Busy moving DNG back home and preparing for life after J4LP.”

Shalee Lianne, the Executor of Imperial Outlaws., when asked to provide a comment on the coalition, had this to add, “’im sexy and I know it, I work out!♪’”

Many within the 24th Imperial Crusade have taken full advantage of the Amarrian Autumn, harvesting loads of T4 loyalty points while laying siege to Minmatar systems. With Phoebe fresh off the presses, there exists a great deal of uncertainty for the future of the warzone in terms of third-party involvement. Nonetheless, winter is coming and it is up to the Minmatar to choose whether or not it is coming for them.

Apologies for the late article. This was given to me a few weeks ago but due to real life circumstances was not published until today. Some of the things mentioned in here are out of date at the time of posting. -Subsparx

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Reginald Sakakibara is a relatively new player to both EvE and faction warfare, formerly fighting for Her Majesty as a member of Heart of Pyerite [NO45] in Imperial Outlaws. He continues to call the warzone his home, living in Kamela as a member of Death by Design [URGRD] within Did he say Jump.

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