A Eulogy for GalMil’s TeamSpeak Comms

Today, March 1, 2016, Gallente Militia’s TeamSpeak comms, a veritable institution within EVE, is shutting down for good. Six fun-filled years have come to a close. In video game years, that’s a long damn time. GalMil, of course, has already implemented a variety of solutions to keep operations running smoothly. But let us collectively observe a moment of silence at the passing of this longstanding beacon of the militia. (This includes you, CalMil spies, who likely spent more time on comms than the average GalMil player…)

Goodbye, old friend, we’ve had a love/hate relationship at times. Sometimes, you would just shut down in the middle of a fleet like a douche bag and we would all hate you. But there were better memories as well that we all-too-easily forget. I know I will look back fondly on the hours we spent together. I remember logging into you and seeing a massive list of pilots in the 1st Deck. “Ohhhh something is brewing, where’s the fleet? Time to pew!” I would exclaim to myself. That sort of excitement is fantastic, and not often felt with other games. The feeling that I had when logging into EVE and seeing so many brothers-in-arms out there, generating content, would have been diminished to almost nothing if that Teamspeak server had not served as a rally point. It was a mutual meeting place for our proud militia. I still remember well the energy and tension when we would snag a capital ship, frantically popping to different channels around the server trying to shore up the muscle to fell the shiny target.

Raging on comms, spats between pilots, banning spies, political debates, rebanning spies, late-night drunken idiocy, re-re-rebanning spies. In the grand scheme of things… all good times.

And, of course, I would be remiss if I did not offer on behalf of all of GalMil our sincerest, warmest gratitude to the people that paid to keep the server alive and administered it to keep it running. You guys are saints (in this regard, at least… because, let’s face it, most of you celebrate your unrepentant life of unmitigated space-sinfulness). Thanks to all those who helped out over the years to keep GalMil comms up and running!

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  2. Can our beloved Galmil post their new coms info? We will get it anyway, so why don’t make it fast xDDD

  3. What server will I use now?

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