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FW Fitting Lab: Fed Navy Comet


Editor’s Note: The following is a love letter for the Fed Navy Comet written by GalMil pilot Burtakus. Today I am going to walk readers through one of, If not, my favorite frigates: The Federation Navy Comet.  I have been flying this fit essentially unchanged for several years now and it remains my go to ship for roaming the FW ...

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Cal/Gal Micro Update – Rumble in Akidagi


What follows is a video that shows a recent battle on the Aivonen gate in Akidagi between GalMil and Calmil/Bastard Cartel. The video is a narrative from the perspective of three GalMil pilots with three very different roles: Blastil: Rank and File BS DPS Ignacio Daimon: Magus for Jumping Logi and all Around Hijinks Raktak Takrak: Imperial Navy Slicer for Tackle ...

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Cal/Gal Micro Update – Plex Warfare in Aivonen


  Over this past weekend Caldari and Gallente forces crashed in Aivonen, a longstanding CalMil stronghold. Battles had been raging throughout the week over the frequently embattled Pavanakka so for this expedition, GalMil decided to take the fight to CalMil’s home system which was right next door. 3 minutes into the battle a potential disaster was already brewing for the GalMil ...

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Faction Warfare Fitting Lab: No Arms No Cookies


Introduction: Hello everyone and welcome to Snitch Ashor’s guest fit about a nasty little ship that drops the 70% TD hammer on unexpecting brawlers. I am quite excited to all the feedback on this fit, and how people enjoy the support/brawling navy frigates. The Hull: Crucifier Navy Issue Amarr Frigate bonuses (Per Skill Level): 7.5% bonus to Weapon Disruptor Effectiveness ...

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OpEd: Rens is Dying


“Rens is dying” Those words appeared in a text message early yesterday, as I discussed with a longtime friend and fellow carebear the current state of the market in EvE. I considered those words; they weighed pretty heavily on me. He proposed we move from our long term home of Rens onto greener pastures. I considered my own recent forays ...

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Faction Warfare Fitting Lab: The Shitfit Fridge


I really wanted to try and get my fast-tackle game right, and given my former life as a Drake wielding carebear, this fit seemed right up my snuggly alley. The idea behind all of my shitfits ties into my idea of “Risk Tanking”; I want to be able to field this ship and train my own reflexes to exploit mistakes ...

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OpEd: Against the Warzone Tier System


[Editor’s Note: What follows is an opinion editorial piece by Myra Stark. The opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s and do not necessarily represent the opinions of or its staff.] The Warzone Tier system significantly disadvantages the weaker militia and needs to be removed from Faction Warfare (FW). The system has two significant and closely related ...

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How To Fund Your PvP: Introduction


ISK and Skill are the two pillars of a person’s ability to PvP. If one collapses, the capsuleers entire ability to PvP collapses. In this multi-part guide, I will describe different ways to earn ISK to fuel your PvP. Determine the amount of ISK you will need: In order to determine the ISK you need to make, open up your ...

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OpEd: Our Own Worst Enemies


Editor’s Note: What follows is an opinion editorial by Jetstream Drenard of BLFOX. The opinions expressed in this article are his alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of or its staff. Gallente Militia, Currently we are in a state of Civil War against Rapid Withdrawal (RDRAW) and their ally Schneckt (SCHNK) only because they became a feeder ...

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Minmatar/Amarr Micro Update – We Are Home Again


Celebration and libation is the atmosphere of the Republic this week, because within 35 hours of the Liberation of Sahtogas, Minmatar forces scoured the warzone and brought every single system under their control. The march began in Sahtogas, and roll through the warzone until they hit Gebuladi. It was a tight victory for sure, as the opposition did field a significant ...

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